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The Continuous Professional Development (CPD) center of MWU GRH is coming soon.

As you probably aware of, the CPD is becoming crucial to all health professionals for two things. One is because a professional becomes mechanical unless he /she continuously develop his/her profession to suit the standard of health care required. Second, it is a requirement to get a license renewed. Above all, ensuring the quality and standards of health services in the Country is of paramount importance and indispensable to improve the health standard of the citizens. Cognizant of this, the Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH) of Ethiopia is committed to ensuring the quality and standards of health services in the Country. To guide the implementation of continuing professional development program, the Ministry has adopted and customized the national CPD guideline which was developed by the Food, medicine & Healthcare Administration & Control Authority of Ethiopia.

In response to the national demand MWU GRH has become courageous to launch CPD programs and services in Goba town and the coordinating office is situated in the former Nursing School compound. Currently each and every requirement to establish a CPD center has been fulfilled and we are at the verge of starting the basic services of a CPD center. We apologize for the delay because the delay has created tremendous inconveniences to the professionals in the far areas, particularly in the peripheries of the two Bale Zones, from the already available CPD centers when they want to pass through CPD trainings for renewal of their licenses.

I hope everybody concerned will be wise enough to exploit this golden opportunity to render quality health care and educational services through updating and upgrading one’s self.   You can contact the office through our e-mail, telephone, fax and website addresses for more information

Contact Person

Dr. Bedru Hussien Abdulmegid, CPD Director


P.O.Box:- 76

Goba Town, Bale Zone, Oromia Region, Ethiopia

Telephone:-+251222461213/ 0911997287


Fax:- 022-661-06-40

Location of the center:-  In the former Nursing  School compound, Goba