Partnership and External Research Fund Directorate

General Information

Partnership and external research fund directorate office develop and maintain positive and effective partnerships and purposeful relationships that are relevant to the implementation of core activities namely research, community service and technology transfer and UIL and technology transfer.

Aim :

Ø  To ensure that Madda Walabu  University develops and maintains strong and effective partnerships towards the research and community service.

Ø  Promotes the vision and objectives of the Madda Walabu  university strategic plan to external and other stakeholders


Duties and Responsibilities of The Diractorate

·         Identify potential stakeholders and partners

·         Develops and implement a partnership strategy that support all the activities of research and community service, and that ensures the very best-off relationship with partners, donors and others

·         Establish strong partnership and collaboration local, national, and international NGO’s, educational institutions and agencies.

·        Promoting collaboration among national, continental and international organizations in education, research and publication

·        Develop and manages memorandum of understandings as may arise from partners

·         Supporting academic staff in drafting and negotiating research and service contracts in collaboration with other directors.

·         Searching grants, support and facilitate collaborative research programs with donors and funding agencies,

·         Develop networks between the research institutes/centers and researchers in the field, locally, nationally and internationally

·         Create research, consultancy, staff exchange, internship/externship partnership with industries, international organizations and foreign universities.

·         Execute other activities when required by RCETTVP

Muhammed Jemal (PhD in Applied Linguistics  & Communications)

Position: Director 

Email: –

Phone no: – mobile -+251911704664