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  1. Message of Director the School of Graduate Studies

As a director of School of Graduate studies of Madda Walabu University, it gives me a great honor to publicize the undertakings of the School of Graduate Studies of Madda Walabu University. The SGS of Madda Walabu University was established in April 2012 after six years of the inception of the University (2006/2007). The SGS commenced its teaching and learning activities in February 2013 in two Masters’ programs (M.Sc in Environmental Science and M.A in TEFL). The graduate programs are offered at the three campuses Robe, Goba and Shashemene campuses and at different centers. The SGS of MWU is accountable to the Academic Affairs Vice President and responsible to direct, coordinate and oversee the activities pertaining to graduate studies of the university across each school/ college of the university. Currently, 54 graduate programs (50 masters’ and 4 PhD) are operational in regular and/ or in weekend and summer programs. The School of Graduate Studies of Madda Walabu University is currently hosting more than 2295 students in regular, week-end and summer programs.

 Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

The major responsibilities of the School of Graduate Studies are undertaking the expansion and diversification of graduate programs, supporting and overseeing the implementation of graduate programs at all colleges and academic units. Since the commencement of the Graduate Program, a series of 8 curricula review validation symposia have been conducted by Madda Walabu University in order to evaluate the feasibility of new graduate programs based on national standards. MWU is strictly following Educational Training Authority guidelines (formerly known as HERQA) for launching graduate programs. Accordingly, graduate programs are launched after undertaking need-based internal and external assessment of the relevance of the program and their conformity with the Growth plan of Ethiopia. Indeed, the graduates programs are initiated with expectations that they are relevant and support the societal need and country’s development plan at large.

In order to enhance the quality and relevance of graduate programs, the SGS of MWU is working for better improvement of the educational qualities of graduate programs in all colleges and academic units. Quality education is, of course, a multifaceted issue that needs the engagement of various participants and stakeholders. It engages both enhancing the learning-teaching process and auditing the extent of implementation of the teaching-learning process as per the designed curricula. Indeed, this task has been already initiated and monitored through joint ventures by the college director, academic Program directorate and by Quality assurance directorate. Such a task also renders the university to have a far-sighted communication and support with partner organization (s).

Since its engagement in managing graduate programs, the SGS of MWU have successfully graduated so many masters’ graduates in various disciplines. The launching of graduate programs in MWU has given many opportunities for MWU academic staff and to the staff of other universities and organizations. It is an un debatable fact that MWU has produced a large number of educated human powers who contribute greatly to the development of the society and the country at large.


In order to assure the sustainability of graduate programs, the assignment and enrollment of students to graduate programs is very crucial.  Despite a high capacity to train graduate students in MWU, there is a lack of enrollment of students both in masters and PhD level. Therefore, the university needs to work hard to increase its enrollment capacity of graduate students. It is also important for MOE to assign adequate numbers of graduate students in order to enhance the enrollment capacity of our graduate programs. As more graduate programs are launched and supported, they are important in minimizing the staff mobility, a major problem in our university. In addition to engaging our academic staff, our PhD programs have started to attract PhD students from other local universities.

The SGS office of MWU wants to stress that all colleges and academic units of MWU that run graduate programs need to work hand in hand in order to deliver quality education and produce knowledge, skilled and attitudinally matured graduates that largely solve societal problems and contribute to the development plan of Ethiopia. Curricula reviews of the existing graduate programs and enhancing partnership and linkage with national and international universities are the main tasks to be given due consideration by School of Graduate Studies of Madda Walabu University in the near future. It is also important to further enrich the teaching resources (libraries, e-learning resources, research laboratories, workshops, research sites etc) in order to deliverquality education.The support of top management of MWU and all stakeholders are also highly indispensable in order to achieve the goals of SGS of MWU. Lastly but no least, I would like to thank all of have worked and supported with the SGS in one way or other, and request to further strengthen your uninterrupted support for successful achievement of thegoals of the school in particular and the university in general.


Thank you!!!

AddisuAssefa (PhD, Associate Professor of Applied Microbiology)

Director of School of Graduate Studies

Madda Walabu University


Bale Robe, Ethiopia

Phone +251-911-18-40-28