Publication and Documentation Directorate

General Information

The Publications and Documentation Directorate conducts a series of regular or irregular publications such as book of abstracts of theses, special issues dedicated to addressing current issues of research, community service, UIL and TT directorates, research bulletins, periodicals and others. The directorate makes use of the website, social media, and multi-media for communicating current events in the RCETTVP, research breakthroughs and scientific publications. The Director ensures the publications in conformity with the University policy and mandates and coordinates the works of the editor and document specialist

Proper documentation of research outputs, teaching materials and policy briefs is a good indicator of the performance of Universities in research and publication. Several Journal Articles, Proceedings and Policy briefs were published arising from MWU staff researches. The office is established to improve the documentation and dissemination process of research outputs and teaching materials so that the end users would have better access.

The major objectives of establishing journals, bulletins, working papers and proceedings in the University are: 

1. To encourage, stimulate and promote research among members of the academic community,

2. To provide scientific and technological information for the staff of the University, national and international level at large,

3. To disseminate research results to the scientific community and other end users, 

4. To arrange a forum to share observations, experiences and ideas,

5. To serve as a plat form for researchers active in various development fields,

6. To introduce the various academic and scientific activities of the University to academic and other organizations,

7. To nurture the “academic culture” among professional staff at the University.


 Duties and Responsibilities of The Directorate

a.      To avail all research outputs using systematic documentation

b.     Participating at university level in developing policies, strategies and guidelines related to research undertaking and publication

c.      Organizes and facilitates seminars, symposia, conference, workshop and other avenues.

d.     Publishing proceedings of conferences, support the production of journals, periodicals and other scholarly publications by academic units and research centers

e.       Following up timely publication of MWU hosted Journals and distribution

f.      Facilitates the subscription of journals in collaboration with other University’s stakeholders

g.      Establishes and keeps documentation system (digital and printed repository) for research, project, consultancy, community service, TT and UIL activities;

h.     Facilitating the production of supporting manuals, flyers and brochures for the innovations in consultation with the researchers.

i.        Monitors quality of publication, documentation and appropriate dissemination of research and community service activities

j.       Representing the university in dealing with intellectual property rights of inventions.

k.     Assisting researchers in the development of policy briefs from research outputs including in local languages.

l.       Establishing archives and museums/ permanent exhibition centers of research outputs.

m.   Collaborate in development of system for the award and recognition of best researchers and innovators

n.     Commercializing publications (Articles, Books, Journals, Proceedings, post-graduation thesis etc.)

o.     Executes other activities when assigned by RCETTVP.