College of Computing

Computing College Director Message

On behave of Computing college staffs and students welcome to Madda Walabu University College of Computing!

As director of computing college, I’m extremely proud of the ridiculouspractice of providing practical, practice-based computing education that our college has supported since its founding. Our College programs prepare our students to become problem solving, an essential skill for life, Students study the design, development and analysis of software and hardware used to solve problems in a variety of business, scientific and social contexts.

College of computing now it hosts four UG and One MSc Program. The UG programs are Computer Science, Information Science, Information Technology and Information Systems. The postgraduate programs are MSc in Computer Science. As of 2022/23 academic year one very important and timely postgraduate program are going to be launched. This program is MSc in Data Science. We believe that this program will significantly contribute to manpower development of the country and beyond and a golden opportunity for our prospective students.

All departments under Computing College have equipped computer laboratories for each section to exercise what they have learned in lecture class for 24hr. In addition to that Computer Laboratories are further used for different training inside university and for community outside of the university and all computer laboratories are installed different software used for computing courses, mathematical and statistical software packages and also under computing college we have computer technology club (CTC) with furnished laboratory where talented computing college students with different creativity are participated and create and adapt current  technology.