Chief administrative and Development Directorate


Welcome to Madda Walabu University Goba comprehensive Teaching Hospital, Chief Admin directorate a venue of a very promising directorate in compass.  Admin wing structure was restructured in the year 2007 E.C. Among those directorates, the Hospital wing structure was restructured Under Chief Executive Directorate (CED).

The departments/teams found under CADD are: – Finance and Budget team, ICT development team, Revenue generating team, Human resource administration, and development team, Procurement team, Student affairs team, Facility management team, and Property management team. Admin aims to boast a culture of service delivery excellence and system breakthrough. One of our missions is to raise satisfactory customers in all rounded with those services delivered in our hospital. In the coming years, the directorate desires to be the center of excellence in facility delivery systems. We want to lay a strong foundation for the hospital, and imparting confidence in staff, and can contribute to the service quality and societal change.

I anticipate you to be a part of Admin Directorate activities. We are fighting for excellence!

With best wishes,

Abebe Seboka Tura (MBA)

Chief administrative and Development Directorate Director

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