ICT Directorate


Planning, coordinating, tracking, expanding and managing the overall functions of the university’s Information Communications Technology, keeping it in step with ever-changing technological innovation, applying the best experiences, addressing network infrastructure problems at the highest level; addressing data infrastructure security threats It also requires the development of knowledge and skills that can be accompanied by technology and time; improving procedures and guidelines; developing I.C.T. policy ideas; studying studies; bringing together global experiences and providing prepared information technology needs in various parts of the work (Network expansion and upgrade, Software and Database need assessment) Inconsistency in the needs of the and a lack of agreement; software and hardware for the project due to the time of the completion of project work; and project work is stored Failure to establish standards is a problem during the course of the work, and it is solved by bringing them into line with the needs of the establishment; by providing intensive monitoring so that projects expire in a timely manner; and by reducing the way the standards expire. ICT Centre and services will continue to play a central role in the management of the University core business of teaching and learning, research and community services. The advancement of the concepts of Teleworking, e-learning, virtual labs, robotics, big data analysis, internet of things and among other emerging concepts shall continue to transform the way higher education is learned and managed.


To Make Available the Best ICT Solutions for Academic and Management Operation of  Madda Walabu University.


To become a dynamic Directorate of ICT Excellence propelling Madda Walabu University to National Class Status and to be recognized internationally.

Core Values

  1. Our obligations will be executed with commitment and professionalism
  2. The virtues of integrity and meritocracy will guide all Directorate activities
  3. We will maintain a sense of self respect, discipline, and responsibility
  4. We commit ourselves to the practice of teamwork
  5. We embrace efficacy and excellence Objectives Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Directorate as it should appear on

The ICT Directorate is structured in Five Teams

  • Teaching Learning Technology Team
  • Teaching and Training Team
  • Hardware and Software Maintenance Team
  • Application Development Team
  • Network Administrator Team Leader

Mr. Abubeker Oumer Hashim (ICT Directorate Director)

Office Phone :- 0228902107

Email :- Ictd@mwu.edu,et