Waste Water Treatment Plant Centre

Madda Walabu University waste water treatment plant has been established in October 2016. Initially it was established for seven thousand students by assuming each students consuming 100 litres of water per day. The treatment enabled the university health waste water management system and controls the waste released from café and toils in the pollution pond for the last five years.  Of the product of the plant the treated water is recycled and used for toilet washing and for planting. The treatment plant is also helps the university by preparing organic composite.

Of the major objectives of the plant, extracting pollutants, removing toxicants, neutralized coarse particles, and kill pathogens as a result quality of discharge water is improved to reach the permissible level of water to be discharged to river, lakes and land.

Specifically the plant has the following objectives:-

  • Used the treated water for irrigation, flash for toilet
  • Control the process in the water treatment pond.
  • Determine the efficiency of treatment plants
  • Make water treatment plant green and attractive
  • Prepare organic composite
  • Provide environmentally safe treatment

To provide efficient, effective and reliable water and waste water utility service in a manner that respects the natural environment, protect our healthy and environment by collecting and treating waste water and  provide quality waste water treatment as per established norms and be role model are among the mission of the plant. Similarly, the value of the plant are:-

  • Safety first. I.e. protect themselves and others.
  • Quality and speedy service delivery
  • Participation approach and the rule of law

Mr. Abera Negash Kebede (head of the centre)

Office Phone:- 0222447489

Bale, Robe, Ethiopia



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