School of Medicine

About Us

Madda Walabu University, collage of Health and Medicine is located in Goba town, Bale zone, Oromia Regional state, South East Ethiopia 445 kms from Addis Ababa.

After integration with MWU in 1999 E.C. It was training undergraduate student in different departments like Public health officer, Nursing, Environmental health and midwifes.

In 2004 E.C the school of Medicine was established, then started to train undergraduate medical students based on new medical curriculum (NMEI) proposed by the FMOH and on progress to graduate the Fifth (5th) batch. The school of medicine enrolled generic Medical students started from 2012 EC and on process to accept the third batch.

The school had launched two more undergraduate programs in 2010 E.C in B.phrm(pharmacy) and BSc (Medical Laboratory Science) and ready to graduate the first and the second batch respectively.

In 2015 E.C the school is on preparation to launch three (03) post graduate programs in Obstetrics and Gynecology and; General Surgery Specialties and MSc in Medical Microbiology (Regular and Extension)

The school has currently a total of one hundred seven (107) academic staffs 1(PhD), 3(Associate professors, 5(Obstetrician& Gynecologist), 10(General Surgeon), 12(Internist), 5(Pediatrician), 3(Radiologist), 2(Orthopedics and Trauma Surgeons), 2(Ophthalmologist), 1(Dermatologist), 30(General Practitioners lecturer), 25( 2nd degree lectures), 9(1st degree  technical assistants). Ninety six staffs are on training at different universities 21(MSc), 4(PhD) and 82(Specialty Certificate).

The total numbers of students on training are 446(male 326, and Female120). Out of this Medical students are 182(Female39), Pharmacy 143(Female 49) and Medical Laboratory Science121 (Female 32).

The school has one preclinical Coordinator Office, six departments and seven unities that are under structure to develop to departments.


Dr. Abdi Tesemma Demmo(MD, General Surgeon)

Dean, School of Medicine

Tel +251226610164

Fax 0226652519

P.O. Box 302


Mobile +251901444777, +25111982446

Bale Goba, Ethiopia

Madda Walanu Univversity Goba Hospital

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