Chief Academic and Research Director


On behalf of me and Goba Referral Hospital Academic staffs, it is my great pleasure and honor to welcome you to Madda Walabu University Goba Referral Hospital. The CARD is accountable for the office of the Chief executive Director. The directorate office is responsible for teaching-learning, research, and community service which is the main wing in realizing the success of the University’s vision of being one of the best top five national universities in 2025. So far the college is contributing to the national development with 10 MSc/MPH programs, 1 Ph.D.program, 2 specialty programs, and 6 undergraduate programs. Therefore this is an indication of college contribution to the advancement of health care locally and internationally. Since college inception, there is remarkable growth in the number of students, and staff, and the expansion of academic programs, staff research participation, and community service.

The major duties and responsibilities of the CARD are:

  • Lead, coordinate and oversee responsibilities for the development and management of graduate and undergraduate academic programs, continuing education, teaching and learning support, staff affairs, office of the registrar, library, and academic standards and quality enhancement.
  • Facilitate the accomplishment of the University’s mission and its academic goals through the establishment of programs, evaluation and development of faculty and staff
  • Ensure the employment and promotion of academic staff is consistent with the University’s rules and procedures.
  • Coordinate periodic academic program reviews and work with academic units in the review, study, and development of curriculum and in the improvement of instruction
  • Formulates standards and work procedures relevant to the academic units in line with University legislation, national policies, rules, and regulation as appropriate
  • Coordinates and endorses research proposal for approval and funding
  • Design and enforces quality assurance mechanisms for academic programs
  • Participate in the executive management team with chief directors
  • Facilitates the mobilization and generation of resources to support the activities of the academic units
  • Facilitates and oversees the proper and optimal distribution of learning materials, equipment, classroom, laboratories, library, etc
  • Initiate and facilitate external relations with a view of forging partnerships with academic and research institutes, industry
  • Coordinates collective planning and work towards aligning the academic units and their programs with greater interdisciplinary ties and joint operation
  • Facilitates the smooth operation of the registrar’s office and the library
  • In collaboration with the chief clinical director shall oversee the practical training provided in the hospital
  • Exercise the responsibilities of the Chief Executive Director may entrust to him/her.
  • The following nine offices are accountable to the CARD;

Location of the Office

 Goba Campus, Admin building, ground +1

Office Telephone: +251226610508

P.O. Box: 302, Goba, Ethiopia

Mohammedaman Mama (MSc, Associate Professor)

Chief academic and research director

Mobile: +251912686689

Email: or

Skype: mohammedaman.mama