Construction Project Office


Construction Project Office was established in the year 2007 and restructured in July 2013 following BPR and again re-structured in the year 2017 as construction project office as new structure from Ministry of Education.  The Construction Project Office is meant to support the core mandates of the University. Whose main service’s an architectural, building consultancy and project management services, landscape and interior design solutions for various categories of clients.

The professionals within the firm has over the years acquired a thorough capability to execute medium to large scale projects from feasibility study through design and contract administration to completion and project handover.


To effectively conceive, develop, implement, utilize, and manage Infrastructure and new building systems in order to provide integrated, coordinated and customer-focused quality services to Madda Walabu University in line with its vision, mission and objectives.


To be a center of innovation in the provision of quality Infrastructure and Building services to Madda Walabu University.


The Project office provides services pertaining to: consultations; the preparation of economic and technical reports; design; design review; contract administration; and the supervision of civil work projects. A range of comprehensive services are offered in the following areas:

©      Master Plan Development and Implementation

©      Infrastructure and Building Engineering

©      Contract Package Preparation

©      Over all Planning and Monitoring Progress Evaluation

©      Assistance during Tender Process (Interpretation of Contract documents and related matters for the University.

Contract administration & Supervision works

©      It strives to serve demand driven and tailor made consulting, advisory, managing and monitoring services.

©      Providing the requisite quality and quantity of infrastructure and resources to continuously create and maintain enabling teaching and learning environment in all University campuses;

©      Providing cost effective, efficient, and client-focused administrative services to students, staff, external organizations and the community; and

©      Providing high quality Engineering services and support which enhance the performance of the University’s core functions;

©      Enhancing community wellbeing through development interventions;

©      Building institutional capacity for interventions which delivers excellence in community service

Mr. Adem Dessu (head of the office)


Office Phone:- 0228902112

Fax:-                 0222440175

Bale, Robe, Ethiopia


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