Industry Linkage and Technology Transfer Directorate

General Information

University-Industry Linkage is aimed at supporting the creation of Science and Technology Innovation System in the country. This is meant to build collaborative research initiatives that would be industry driven, with the goal of technology invention, adoption or adaptation by regional industry. The goal is to move the economy towards the federal science, technology and innovation (STI) goals, while strengthening the university’s capacity for innovative research. The Innovation System stakeholders include; Universities, other higher education institutions, research institutions, industry, TVETs, small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), government and non-government organizations, and community.

University-industry linkage is a system through which university researchers interact with industry including, agriculture, health, manufacturing, and other sectors using a wide variety of channels such as joint research (including joint publishing), contract research (including consulting, financing of university research by industries or organizations), consultancy, community engagement, mobility (staff movement between universities and industries, joint supervision of students) and training (co-operation in education, training of industry staff at universities, lecturing by industry staff) 

Both industries and Universities have never been able to exist separately; an intellectual asset of the University has either to address the problems of industries or has to largely contribute for the growth and development of various industries. Likewise, the advancement of knowledge and technology in higher education institutions/Universities can only happen with the pertinent need and support of the industry. Thus, creating a reliable partnership between University and industry has a paramount contribution for generating mutual benefits between them for the betterment of the society and the world at large.

Business incubation has been globally recognized as an important tool for economic development and job creation. The center supports Technology Business Incubators to tap potential technology ideas and innovations for venture creation by effectively utilizing expertise and existing infrastructure already available with the host institution. The office mainly facilitates and supports the transfer of technologies developed, improved/modified, or adopted by staff and students to improve performance of industries and welfare of the community at large. Moreover, the office facilitates and supports Technology Commercialization to provide a platform for speedy commercialization of technologies developed in the university, institute and research centers of the University.

Technology Innovation support center enhance innovators’ ability to innovate by offering services like: Access to online patent and non-patent(scientific and technical) resources and publications, Access to industrial property related publications, Training in database search, Monitoring technology and competitors, Providing  basic information on industrial property laws, management and strategy, technology commercialization and marketing, Gives innovators easy access to locally based high quality technology information and related services, Helps innovators to exploit their innovative potential, Helps them to create, protect and manage their IPRs

The office mainly facilitates and supports linkages, transfer and commercialization of technologies (developed, improved/modified, or adopted) by staffs and students by cultivating manufacturing pathways for emerging technologies to improve performance of industries and welfare of the community at large. This helps in transferring fundamental knowledge and specific technologies developed at the university and intensify Capabilities and accomplishments of the university which also create good opportunities for collaborating with the community.

  • 1Facilitate innovation, coordinate trainings and Identify the technologies that need to be prioritized
  • Establish University –Industry linkage
  • .      Coordinate the University-industry linkage and technology transfer activities (UIL-TT calls, reviewing, progress reports, etc…)
  • .       Establish the University-industry linkage and technology transfer database.
  • .      Monitor and evaluate the implementation of the University-industry linkage and technology transfer activities.
  • .       Facilitate local and international grant searching’s
  • .      Facilitate University-industry linkage and technology transfer related decision Issues in respective to top management decisions. 
  • .      Prepare and document strategic and action plans, reports, program budgets and working guidelines.
  • .      Facilitate capacity building trainings related to University-industry linkage and technology transfer issue for the university community.
  • .      Facilitate and strengthen the student internship program/industrial attachment and Externship program 
  •            Asses the community/industry demand and design a strategy to bring solutions to their problem.  
  • .        Facilitate and strengthen the establishment of science and technology support center, technology transfer center, business and technology incubation center and technology village/parks.
  • Provide guidance for STEM and business and technology incubation centers
  • Participate national and international workshops, consortium, conferences and trainings
  • Prepare memorandum of understanding in consultation with partnership and external research fund directorate.
  • Undertake other activities as required by RCETTVP


Siraj Abduro (Msc. in Water Supply and Environmental Engineering)

Position: UIL and Technology Transfer Director


Phone: +25191004726