Department of Midwifery


Welcome to Midwifery department! It is one of the department in Madda walabu University College of Medicine and Health science. Since its foundation in 2010, the department is dedicatedly performing several activities including teaching and learning, conducting scientific studies and community service to achieve the national SDG 3 and institutional mission of the University.As it is known, despitesignificant efforts made by the government to improve health care coverage, still Ethiopia is among the countries with high maternal and neonatal mortality rate in the world. Unmate need, youth and adolescent reproductive health issues are also remained the Critical health problems in the Country. Since Midwifes are the front line army in providing aforementioned health care service, Midwifery department is striving to fill the gaps through producing high-level ethical professionals and practitioners with the required knowledge, attitudes, skills, and behaviors.

Midwifery department has graduated more than 500 students with bachelor science degree in midwifery since its foundation in 2010. Now, the department has 110 students attending regular undergraduate and graduate programs including Maternity and reproductive health. The department has also a total of thirty-two(32) Competent, energetic and committed comprehensive staffs including 18 Instructors on duty, 2 technical assistants and 12 are on education.

The department has strong, long lasting and unexpired mission which is “Improving quality of health care service of our people” through producing high-level ethical professionals and practitioners with the required knowledge, attitudes, skills, and behaviors. In realizing its mission, the department is ready and welcome any interested body to work collaboratively.

Major activities performed by Midwifery Department

Some of the major activities Performed by midwifery department in collaboration with other stakeholders includes;

  1. Teaching and learning activities
  2. Conducting scientific research
  3. Actively engaged in Community services
  4. Equipping students with required knowledge, skill & attitude
  5. In collaboration with other departments and stakeholders, the department plays a role in making working environment more conducive
  6. Equipping students with required standard of skill through demonstration
  7. Provide OSCE exam as per indicated on curriculum
  8. Applying student advisory system for the first time in the college
  9. Organizing others and participating in humanitarian activities in the community
  10. Encouraging students on education by recognizing best performers
  11. Motivating Staffs through recognition of model Instructors
  12. Takes quality assurance measures through stablishing Different committees
  13. Prepare and avail minimum activity standards of Midwifery Instructors
  14. Regular discussion with Midwifery instructors and students
  15. Creating Linkages and Cooperation with other similar institutions



Midwifery Department