President’s Message

MWU President

As our university is in the midst of a society that seeks change and development, it is striving to transform the society with the help of educated manpower, knowledge, and research to bring about real change under the motto of “excellence through diversity”. On top of that, we are situated in an area that is endowed with natural and cultural diversity including the Bale Mountains National Park which is known to harbor diverse and endemic wildlife such as Ethiopian wolf and mountain nyala. So, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to lead the University that is found in the midst of this great community, very passionate for transformation, and to work with the dedicated academic, clinical, technical, and administrative staffs, as well as students of the University.

The university currently has 1230 academic and 2,183 supportive staff, and encouraging work is underway to expand student enrollment, programs, and infrastructure. It is currently enrolling more than 24,900 students with 46 undergraduate and 38 master’s degrees at  Robe Main campus, Goba, and Shashemene campuses and at Ginir, Dodola, and Dello Mana continuing education centers and is preparing to launch 5 PhD programs for the first time, starting 2014 E.C.

The entire university community is striving to implement various strategies for maintaining the quality and accessibility of education to make the University an institution that is universally respected for the quality of its research and educational standards, and assure that the existing and new fields of study that will be opened are need-based driven and launched based on the market demand.

The University is producing competent students by providing a consistent support and monitoring system to ensure that our students do not learn to graduate alone, but learn to acquire knowledge.

In addition to teaching and learning activities the university has engaged in conducting problem solving researches and has been providing community services to tackle community problems. To this date the university has conducted more than 334 research projects out of which 250 researches conducted by our researchers were published on accredited journals. The university has also conducted more than 125 community service projects and training aimed at solving local community problems. Parallel to this, the Goba teaching Referral Hospital, which is undergoing significant expansion and upgrading, is providing medical degrees in undergraduate and postgraduate programs and medical services to patients in Bale, East Bale, West Arsi, and neighboring zones and woredas of the Somali region. Moreover, our University is working with the relevant state and federal government office, and NGOs’ for the national interest on various mega projects.

Our key resources for this success are our students, researchers, admin staff, and the local community. Therefore, we intensify our efforts to produce and equip young researchers who can make a significant contribution to the global arena by overcoming research challenges and obstacles. Besides, our doors are always open to work with national and international institutions that are interested and motivated to work together for the benefit of the university and the country in accordance with the Higher Education Proclamation and the laws of the country.

As the university was established in the community for the benefit of the community, it requires the active participation and efforts of all our university staffs and stakeholders to carry out the work started by the university, as well as to achieve our next ten years strategic plan and the vision of the university.

I warmly welcome you to visit our entire campus to know more about Madda Walabu University and our activities.

Ahmed Kelil  ( PhD  )