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MWU-GGTH is among University hospitals found in the south east part of the country 444km from the capital Addis Ababa /Finfinne/ and provides three major activities:

  1. Producing quality health professionals under medical and health Science College in different respective fields as under graduate (Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Public health officer, midwifery, and laboratory technology) and as graduate program (General MPH, MPH-RH, MPH in epidemiology, and Adult Nursing), in addition the teaching hospital is in position to launch medical specialty in surgery and gynecology and obstetrics by 2023.
  2. Community service (Health care service) is also one of the hub of our activity in the hospital to the catchment community of Bale, East Bale, West Arsi, Guji Zone and part of Somali region for more than four million population.
  3. The other important major activity is health research in different thematic areas and crosscutting health issues.

Our Teaching hospital aspires to bring a difference in the quality of training, research and health care service provision in the country through prioritizing research, student centered training and patient centered health care delivery.  Madda Walabu University Goba Hospital has trained thousands of health care professionals since 2007, who are serving the country in different capacities and played a significant role in alleviating the shortage of health care professionals in the country.

The provision of health care service was started in a very small and old hospital owned from Oromia regional health bureau. The university attempted to manage the challenge of the infrastructure through expansion and renovation parts of the old hospital as a temporary solution, however to alleviate the challenge at the grassroots, the University is almost completing G-plus eight huge modern Hospital, except for furnishing with medical equipments, which is still our area of threat.  The hospital management is working and opens to work with the governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations and the community to secure furnishing the hospital with the needed medical equipments. Our teaching hospital with the young, energetic and vibrant staff and leadership is committed to continue hard work to improve the quality of health service provision and quality education and research in all disciplines.

We will be pleased to have you join us here at Madda Walabu University, Goba Teaching hospital and you will find the information you need on this website.


Dr. Jeylan Kassim    (Ass. professor of public health),

(Chief Executive Director of Goba Teaching hospital )


Office Phone No:    +251226612273

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PO.Box                            76   ( Goba, Ethiopia)