Property Management Directorate


The Madda Walabu University  Property Management Directorate is accountable to the Vice-President for Administration and Students’ Affair, performing the following   major activities

  • Plan, organize, direct, lead, manage and control the  property activities of the University
  •   Ensure the property administration decisions are consistent with the relevant policies and procedures of the University as well as the applicable laws and regulations of the country;
  •  Advise the President and the Vice President for Administration and Students’ Affair (VPASA) on property administration matters;
  • Advise all bodies concerned on efficient and effective handling of property administration and maintenance, and proper provision of general services;
  • Prepare annual property administration plans
  • Oversee the proper implementation of the  property administration policies throughout the University
  • Ensure that administrative policies and work procedures that govern property are known and complied with by all Deans, Directors, Department Heads, and other University authorities concerned;
  • Supervise and ensure the proper functioning of property management and disposal activities
  •  Ensure and supervise the proper storing of both consumable and non-consumable items;
  •  Maintain equitable distribution of properties;
  • Record the list of misconducts and corrupted suppliers of the campus and report the same for proper legal measures to be taken;
  • Distribute received goods and services to units according to their request and at the right time.
  • Propose performance based training programs for employees;
  • Present timely reports of the performance of the office;