Civil Engineering

Head , Civil Engineering Department

Message of the Department Head

As an institution, the goal of higher education is to provide service to the public through its continuous research and development.

Years have passed since Madda Walabu University Civil Engineering Department started its journey to providing their students with quality education in 2010. The department have had several batch of alumni who have shared their success to the general public since then.

Civil Engineering Department has local and expatriate teachers who have been of great help in achieving its goal of producing graduates who are not just globally competitivebut one that would help the world to progress.

We have started our quest to realizing our mission and vision having in mind that our values as a department for center of excellence and hub of technology will play the key role in bringing forth researchers and scientists who will serve their fellow countrymen. The Madda Walabu University Civil Engineering Department has enthusiastic staff members who are committed to share their expertise in research and community service for the country's development.

Despite all these efforts, the department continues to improve on other areas in need of support following their goal to generate more and more quality graduates.

In pursuit of attaining the university's mission, I would like to request all the staff and the people around the department to contribute on the advancement of the institution.

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

Program Objective

This program is aimed at training manpower required for the realization of the country’s untouched Civil Engineering works. Well qualified Civil engineers with adequate knowledge in the area of structural, highway, geotechnical and water resources and who can be actively engaged in the planning, development and management of Civil Engineering projects will be produced through this program. Specifically, the trainees will be equipped with the knowledge that enables them to execute the following tasks:

  • Undertake project identification, pre-feasibility and feasibility study and detail design of Civil Engineering works.
  • Prepare complete contract documents and terms of references for Civil Engineering projects Plan, manage, monitor and evaluate the operation and maintenance of Civil Engineering works.
  •  Remodeling and rehabilitation of existing Civil Engineering works.
  • Generally, graduates of the program will Be knowledgeable of the historical context, the state-of-the-art, and emerging issues in the field of Civil Engineering and its role in contemporary society;
  • Demonstrate critical reasoning and requisite quantitative skills to identify, formulate, and resolve Civil Engineering problems, and to create designs that reflect economic, environmental, and social sensitivities;
  • Display a systems viewpoint, critical thinking, effective communication and interpersonal skills, a spirit of curiosity, and conduct reflecting a professional and ethical manner;
  •  Exhibit a commitment to lifelong learning and professional development, involvement in professional activity and public service, and achievement of professional licensure;
  • Reflect a broad intellectual training for success in multidisciplinary professional practice, in Civil Engineering or diverse related careers, and toward achieving leadership roles in industry, government, and academia.