Vice President for Business and Development 

Dr Keta Bekere

Message from Vice President for Business and Development 

Dear Alumni, Students, academic and Support Staff, respected local and international partners of MWU, and distinguished viewers of the MWU Website, the Vice President for Business and Development Office is established to assist, manage and lead four directorates, one office, and two centers of the university. These are:

          Business and development V/P office directorate

  •  ICT Directorate
  • Revenue generation Directorate
  •  Enterprises Directorate
  •  Construction project
  •  Waste Water treatment
    center an   

Compound beautification center.

The office is committed to:

  • Improve the ICT infrastructure for the delivery of quality Education, Research,
    and Community Services
  •  Engage in some production and service provision activities
  • Establish commercial entities that will create job opportunities for the unemployed
    workforce and to generate revenue
  • Properly plan the construction project (prioritizing, focusing on quality) by
    considering intake capacity, number of staff and available budget
  • Beautify the compound (landscaping) and
  • Increase collaborative links and partnerships with
    community, industry, government, and non-government organizations.

In general, personal dedication, teamwork establishing, fostering collaboration among stakeholders, careful implementation, evaluation, getting feedback and interventions on drawbacks, on one hand, sorting out good practices of the university and sustaining them, creating a good quality culture, good governance, resource generation, and management will enable to its goals and uplift the university. Thank you for your interest to look at our website!

               Leta Bekere Kumssa  (PhD)

Contact Address:

              Phone  :-   (+251)-91147-4402

              E-mail :-