school of Graduate Studies Office

Madda Walabu University has started postgraduate studies at Masters level as of February 2013. At the start, two academic programs were opened to be operational: Environmental science and Teaching English as Foreign Language (TEFL) .The University launched two additional programs namely, Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and Applied Micro biology in the second semester of 2004 Academic Year. The programs are running in the regular, week-end and summer programs. So far we have regular and week end students in Environmental science and Masters of Business Administration (MBA). There are regular students in Applied Microbiology and week-end and summer students in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL).New fields of studies in the postgraduate program are launched after finalizing all the necessary preparations. Some of the important points to be considered during preparation are accessing the demand of a given field of study, the availability of material resources and facilities (such as books, class room, Internet facility) in addition, human resource (at the rank of assistant professor and above). With all the human and material resources at hand, the curriculum is approved after critical evaluation by both external and internal evaluators. We are opening each year/semester new program/s after carefully working in all these procedures. In the four fields of study, currently the university has a total of 102 students in regular, week-end and summer programs. The duration to complete the study depends in the program to which a student is registered. A student who is regulated to a regular program requires two years, the week- end program there years and summer program four years. Student Admission Procedures Students are admitted to a postgraduate program in the following order. In the beginning, an advertisement is undertaken in the form of poster, as well as through television and radio to invite applicants for registration. After the advertisement, registration takes place as per the dates indicated in the advertisements. Then entrance examination is administered to applicants. The educational document, work experience and the entrance examination results of the applicants are used to evaluate the overall result of a student. Students are selected on the bases of their result.

Applicants that successfully pass the entrance examination get acceptance to start the class in their respective fields of study. Immediately after getting acceptance and just before the class begin, there is a welcome program to give orientation to the students. The objective of this welcome ceremony is to orient the students, The main points covered in the orientation are: - Giving the students a chance to discuss about their expectations from the university. - To introduce the campus (the directions and sites of class rooms, libraries, laboratories and other services). - Show directions how to use the provided facilities. - Allow the students introduce each other and to their respected professors, Instructors - Make a brief explanation about the rule and regulations of the University. - Tell the students about the history, Mission, vision, goal and objectives of the university. Currently, we have self-sponsored students, they pay 450 (four hundred fifty) Birr for each credit hour of the course. The payment is similar in all fields of study programs (Regular, week end summer). Concerning facility, there is one reading hall, Internet room dedicated only to post graduate students and library and laboratory facility serving all students. Academic Staff Members The program requires experienced teachers at the rank of assistant professor and above, PhD students after defending their proposal are also take part to deliver a course. Currently both expatriates and local instructors are working in teaching and advising students. Beside this, guest instructors are invited to give lecturers.