About the College

Message from College Director

Dear reader,

College of Engineering is established with the mission of community service through providing quality student centered, career focused education, training and conducting problem solving research. The college has six departments with about 2700 students and around 200 local and expatriate staff who have a great role in achieving the mission.

As all programs under Engineering college was planned to fulfill the required number and quality of human resources in engineering field; our rolls and efforts are very important for the employability of our graduates. With this in mind, we incorporate industrial internship program in the curriculum and give emphasis in developing workshop and laboratories to equip our graduates with technical skill.With regards of research and community service, we are highly committed in conducting problem solving research and transferring engineering technologies which fostering the growth of our country.

To this end, I would like to thanks all staff and students for your effort and request you to play a great role in the enhancement of the college from all perspective.

Director, College of Engineering