Partnership and External Research Fund Directorate (PERFD)


                 Muhammed Jemal (PhD in Applied Linguistics & Communications)

               Partnership and External Research Fund Directorate(PERFD)

General Information

Partnership and external research fund directorate office develop and maintain positive and effective partnerships and purposeful relationships that are relevant to the implementation of core activities namely research, community service and technology transfer and UIL.


The vision of PERFD is to strengthen the University’s research and international profile by 2025.


The mission of PERFD under the umbrella of our University is to become a center of excel in securing diverse external research funding opportunities and in establishing unique and wide partnerships locally, nationally and internationally through implementing unique approaches of doing its core businesses. 


Based on its relevance to the implementation of core activities of Research Community Engagement and Technology Transfer V/President Office, the main aims of PERFD are: 

    •             To develop and maintain effective partnerships and strategic collaboration
    •             To create and retain favorable environment to the academic and research staffs in applying and securing external research fund
    •             To promote the vision and objectives of MWU strategic plan to external and other stakeholders.

      Moreover, PERFD has the following specific objectives:

    1. To assess and identify potential/target sectors in Bale Zone which could become a lead option in creating partnership or securing fund
    2. To motivate and support MWU academic staff and postgraduate students through intensive training and networking on how to develop and write project proposals and apply for funding from donors and sponsors
    3. To create enabling environments for academic staff in identifying, developing need-based and high-quality proposal for funding.
    4. To support academic staff in drafting and negotiating research and service contracts in collaboration with other directors.
    5. To establish and create strong linkage and partnership and collaboration for mobilizing resources required to undertake research with local, national, and international NGO’s and educational institutions.
    6. To develop and manage memorandum of understandings as may arise from partners
    7. To create systems which deliver on time and fast support services to academic staffs who want to apply for funding
    8. To search potential grants and supports from donors and funding agencies, then facilitate collaborative and independent research programs.
    9. Create research, consultancy, and staff exchange, internship/externship partnership with industries, international organizations and foreign universities. 

 Through intensive partnership, PERFD aspires to achieve the following core areas;

  1.             To be a university that extensively interacts with international partners in all disciplines to enhance the quality of teaching, research and community services
  2.         To be a preferred partner at the international level to attract joint funds and projects to enhance its internal capacity in mutually beneficial frame work agreements.
  3.          To expand the sphere of joint global scientific engagement in order to produce high quality research output
  4.          To be an institution with a global campus conducive for international faculty, staff and students by providing services of high global standard
  5.          To be an internationally visible and preferred university by students and professionals from abroad for full time exchange study and work, scientific practice as well as international experience and knowledge sharing
  6.          To be an institution that meets global standards of teaching, research and innovation

Major Areas of Collaboration

The major areas for collaboration with national and international research institutions and educational institutions include:

  •             Undertaking of joint research activities and publications
  •                     Exchange of faculty members for undertaking research, delivering lectures, and participating in academic discussions
  •             Organizing joint workshops, courses and scientific conferences on common areas of interest
  •             Joint application for external project funding opportunities to promote staff and students mobility and staff capacity building
  •             Collaboration in teaching and learning, curriculum development, services to the community and research development of new joint masters and PhD programs in fields of interest
  •             Institutional capacity building and sharing of facilities and resources
  •             Promote exchange of information, materials and scientific information in fields of interest
  •             Collaboration on other educational initiatives and scientific research endeavors mutually agreed upon with partners

Contact Address

  • Muhammed Jemal (PhD in Applied Linguistics & Communications)
  • Position: Director 
  • Email: - 
  • Phone no: - mobile -+251911704664
  •                   - Office- +251222442358