Mechanical Engineering

Message from Mechanical Engineering Department Head

Dear staffs and students,On behalf of the entire mechanical engineering department society, I would like to heartily you well joined the department. My appreciation goes out to your parents, teachers and everyone who has supported and walked with you in the process of your way to join the real engineering department (mechanical!). On our way we should have to prove that with great competence, hard work, compassion and the real for excellence we can accomplish anything. Remember professional integrity, discipline, excellence, honest, fairness, teamwork and dedication are the keys to success. I want to tell you to be open to the unexpected, about making room for the improbable and unlikely. You need to improve yourself through experiences and further studies.Together we can establish competent and contemporary systems we are striving-where citizens are living the life they deserve.

Finally, I would like to remind you our doors are open for guidance and counseling in academic aspects. Wishing you the best in teaching and learning endeavors and may all your dreams be filled with God’s blessings.

God Bless Us!

Mission statement of Mechanical Engineering Department:

We offer an education that prepares our students to become leaders of the engineering profession and one which empowers them to engage in a lifetime of learning and achievement.

Objectives of the Mechanical Engineering Department

  • To develop the trained manpower at the B.Sc. level for designing and operating machines, machine tools and other equipment that is needed for the industrial development of Ethiopia.
  • To carry out the basic research and development needed in creating methodologies and identifying suitable material and machinery for starting industries for Ethiopia's agricultural and industrial development.
  • To provide students with educational experiences that prepare them for continual learning.
  • To do research on a variety of applied topics suitable to local industries.
  • To give training to the personnel in industry as well as Government suited for their requirements.
  • To teach the curriculum through integrated experiences in analysis, computation, experimentation, design and fabrication.
  • To adopt a modular structure in the curriculum, this encourages the development of new opinions at a later stage, allowing the emergence of a wide variety of programs of study in Mechanical Engineering.
  • To provide central computing facilities through hardware and software which support a variety of courses like Computer Aided Design, Finite Element Analysis, and Data Base Structures etc.

The teaching will consist of a program leading to a B.Sc. degree in five years for mechanical engineering students.