Research, Community Engagement and Technology Transfer Vice President Message

Vice President for Research, Community Engagement and Technology Transfer

Dear graduates,On my behalf and that of the research, community engagement and technology transfer vice president office, I would like to congratulate you for successful accomplish of your academic race and qualifying your Bachelor of degree despite the stiff national competition. I know that it was no easy task, and you therefore deserve my admiration and congratulations. Dear graduates, I would like to remind you that you have a major challenge ahead of you. This challenge is to excel and live up to the expectations of your parents and the entire Ethiopian people.  In this respect, I would like to urge each graduate to establish his/her vivid future goals and interests, which must be consistent with the objectives of the country. As students of Madda Walabu University, when you join to the real life situation, you must uphold certain basic values. Some of these will include: respect for the rights of citizens, honesty and integrity in all dealings, commitment to fight corruption, and accountability for your actions and for your conduct.

Dear graduates, let me at this occasion, indicate to you the revitalized vision of Madda walabu University  which is "Everything is Possible With People” believing that whatsoever difficulty and challenges we face, whatsoever resources constraints we encountered, together with people we can realize our shared vision. It is our strong belief that after you leave this campus you must be aware of our mission and vision. I hope you will always keep in your mind our motto and our university. 

Dear graduates, our previous graduates of Madda Walabu University have been serving our citizen in various government and non-government organizations. They work in financial institutions, they work in transport sectors, they work in social and economic sectors, and they work in privet sectors and NGOs and so on. However, as the number of graduates in our country is dramatically growing from year to year government job opportunities become scarce. Therefore, what is important for you is to become competent and be able to efficiently utilize all the available job opportunities created by the government without undermining the nature and types of the offered jobs. On the other hand, you need to develop the skill and attitudes of entrepreneurship.  Believe me this is the way how the current civilized countries are being developed.

Dear MWU graduates, I have one final brotherly advice for your future life. Today, the most devastating health and social problem confronting our community is still the HIV/AIDS pandemic, which has continued to afflict many youth in our country. Despite commendable progress in research, of which scholars are playing the most significant role, AIDs still has no cure. In this regard, I would like to strongly urge you to take care of this risk and respect to yourselves, your friend and your associates. As you may know the only sure way of protecting yourself is abstinence. If, however, you must do it, get realistic and practice safe and protected sex. Further, I strongly advise you to establish your HIV status through getting tested. If you are HIV-negative, passionately protect your status. Otherwise, if you are HIV-positive, get into a health care administration. There are many Voluntary Counseling and testing (VCT) centers in any health centers in the country, including our own University. Please take advantage of them.

Thank you and God bless you all. Once again congratulation!

Semeneh Bessie Desta (PhD)