Institute of Technology

Message from the IOT Acting Senior Director

Welcome to Madda Walabu University Institute of Technology (MWU-IOT), a venue of a very promising institution in Bale Zone which aspire to serve as a model for other educational institution within the country.  MWU-IOT was started in the year 2009 E.C. The Institute has two colleges: Engineering and Computing. The College of Engineering has six (6) departments: Civil Engineering, Construction Technology and Management, Water Resources and Irrigation Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Surveying Engineering. While the College of Computing has three (3) departments: Information Science, Information Systems and Computer Science.

MWU-IOT aims to boasts culture of academic excellence, scientific breakthroughs, and high-tech innovation. One of our missions is to produce internationally competent Engineering and Technology graduates.  The IOT colleges guarantee to conduct technology-based applied research and transferring technologies for industries and communities through strong partnership and entrepreneurship culture.  In the coming years, the institute desires to be the center of excellence in teaching practice-oriented applied technology education in which its graduates develop the required skills by way of industrial apprenticeships locally and internationally. I would ask you to take advantage of this great opportunity and join us in our endeavor, to actively contribute to the overall improvement of this increasingly globalized society.

I anticipate you to be a part of MWU-IOT. We are fighting for excellence!

Institute of Technology


MWU-IOT will be a Technological Institute distinguished by outstanding learner experience, international focus, distinctive regional contribution and high quality impact of its staff on teaching, training, applied research and innovation.


To provide student-centered, career-focused education, training and applied research programs for our cohort of learners within a professional and supportive environment. We are fully committed to intensive engagement with regional business, enterprise and social communities while maintaining our university orientation.

 To achieve our Mission, we will:-

  1. Continue to attract, support and assist our learners throughout their entire educational pathway.
  2. Provide our students with an outstanding learner experience so that MWU-IOT graduates will be professionally ready with the requisite skills to enter the marketplace.
  3. Maintain the breadth of educational program provision while placing special emphasis on work-based learning and on augment competency training.
  4. Focus on attaining the nominated benchmarks required for quality enhancement and the designation of MWU-IOT as a Technological Institute.
  5. Further develop and embed digital technology in support of our core mission.
  6. Continue to expand and improve the capacity of our applied research, innovation and enterprise development programs.
  7. Continue to engage and empower staff and enhance their knowledge-base and skills profile as part of their continuous professional development.
  8. Further strengthen our typical regional engagement with business, enterprise and communities.
  9. Achieve phase collaborative integration through selected strategic alliances and clusters.
  10. Focus and strengthen our global orientation in education, research and innovation.


  • Quality and speedy service delivery
  • Participatory approach and the rule of law
  • Justice and fairness
  • A culture of fighting corruption
  • Democracy and multiculturalism
  • Competitiveness in scholarship and cooperation with other institutions
  • Institutional autonomy with accountability
  • Economical use of resources and assets
  • Recognition of merit

College of Engineering

  1. Civil Engineering Department
  2.  Mechanical Engineering Department
  3. Electrical Engineering Department
  4.  Construction Technology and Management
  5.   Surveying Engineering Department
  6. Water Resource and Irrigation Engineering Department

 College of Computing

  1. Information Science
  2. Information Systems
  3. Computer Science

The Scientific Director is Accountable to President and performs the following activities

  1. 1.Formulate standards, and working procedures relevant to the colleges under it in line with the University-wide policies, rules and regulations and ensure that their achievement;
  2. Endorse the creation or revision of academic programs originating from or endorsed by departments and reported to the institute and propose for approval by the Senate;
  3. Organize and approve research  proposals  and funding projects which are planned and coordinated  by the colleges;
  4. Process scholarships for staff and students within the institute and research hosted by the IOT;
  5. Initiate  and  facilitate  external  relations  with  a  view  to  forging  partnerships  with academic  and  research institutions,  donors,  and  the  industry  as  well  as  promoting community service in line with applicable rules and regulations of the University;
  6. Oversee the processes of staff recruitment, transfer, promotion and professional development based on the policies  and regulations;
  7. Monitor the activities of Discipline Committee and other committees.
  8. Prepare consolidated physical plan and budget plan of the institution and ensure its implementation; also prepare performance report on regular basis and submit to the concerned offices;
  9. Oversee the proper distribution and utilization of  teaching-learning  resources and facilities;
  10. Facilitate, monitor and evaluate the performance of administrative support team assigned under it;
  11. Plan, organize and coordinate activities of finance and procurement depending on the approved budget of the institution;
  12. Facilitate  revenue  collection  from  consultancy  work,  project  contracts,  donations, tuition fees etc;
  13. Compile, produce and submit the activities, reports and essential statistics of the institution to the president  as well as to the concerned organs of the university;
  14. Oversee the processes of the contract agreements for academic and related activities (such as CEP, over time, over load, part time etc.) and process related to payments in collaboration with the concerned offices;
  15. Works closely with Research and Community Service Vice President regarding research, community service, university-industry linkage and technology transfer.
  16. Perform other duties assigned by the President.