College of Business and Economics

Message of the College Directors

College of Business and Economics was established in 1999 E.C. (2006/07) with business Management Department and latter launched Accounting, Economics, Marketing Management, and Tourism Management in 2000 E.C. (2007/08/. The College has also Commenced post graduate programs in the field of Business Administration and Developmental Economics more over there is a plan to launch other masters programs in the coming year to meet the growing demand for qualified and competent man power in the fields of Business and Economics. Currently, we have more than 1700 students of which around 565 are extension and 91 post graduate students in Robe and Shashemene Campus. The total number of instructors is 75 of which 30 on study leave and 3 Expatriate instructors. Our teachers, are young and highly motivated, our methods and curriculums are harmonized and it’s all very industry focused- build on “real world “experience. In order to support teaching learning for all departments, we have 2 computer laboratories that were established in the year 2006 E.C.

The school of Business and Economics carried out different researches, especially, on tourism and participate in providing community services works. Some of the important community services include:- launching entrepreneur training centers, providing training on modern business management, to traders, challenges and opportunities of Micro and Small scale industries, Tourism and hospitality etc. in collaboration with research and community service directorates of the University.

The importance of Business Education in the modern world in general and in our country in particular is increasing from time to time & the need for this education is increasing tremendously due to the Growing size and complexity of business, increasing specialization of work, cut throat competition in the market, sophisticated and capital intensive technology, increasing complexity of business decisions, growing regulation of business by the Government, need for research and development, turbulent environment of business, need for reconciling the interests of various groups of owners, workers, customers and the public and for optimum utilization of scarce resources.