Office of Vice President for Administration and Students’ Affair Directorate


The office of the vice president for Administration and students’ Affair Directorate is accountable to the vice President for Administration and students’ affair with responsibilities for coordinating and facilitating the university’s administration matters. The major duties and responsibilities of the vice president for administration and students’ affair director are

  • Works with the vice president for administration and students’ affair to maintain the mission and vision of the University as a whole and to address the customer satisfaction in the service delivery in particular.
  • Closely works with the vice president for administration and students’ affair to assist and provide support on administration issues.
  • Co-ordinate and follow the implementation of plans, policies, rules and guide lines governing human resources, financial matters, procurement systems, proper utilization and management of material resources.
  • The provision of accommodation, food, health recreation and of the services to students,
  • Further, the office facilitates the provision and maintenance of various infrastructures.
  • Supports in planning and maintain the campus security issues.
  • Coordinate, support and follow work performance of the directorates which are accountable to the vice president for admin/and stud/affairs namely.
  1. Students service directorate
  2. Human Resource admin/and development directorate.
  3. Finance and budget directorate
  4. Procurement directorate.
  5. Property management directorate
  6. Facility management directorate.
  7. Campus security directorate.
  8. Technique and engineering directorate.
  9. Addis Ababa Liaison Office

Through these directorates, the administration and students’ affair vice president office of directorate is exerting its maximum effort to contribute to the achievement of the main mission and vision of the university