Change and Good Governance Directorate



Duties and responsibilities;

  1. Ensure the successful implementation of change tools (BSC,BPR, citizen charter, kaizen..) in the university and evaluate their impact for further reinforcement.
  2. Develop lines, procedures and training manuals for the better implementation of change tools and goods governance practice in different unites.
  3. Initiate and coordinate the implementation of the institution change activities and realization of good governance of the university by creating active and progressive working relationship with all concerned bodies.
  4. Follow-up the level of efficiency and effectiveness of the service delivery of work unites to internal and external customers.
  5. Follow-up, support, monitor and evaluate for the proper implementation of change tools, good-governance affairs and customer services in all colleges, faculties, schools, directorates and offices.
  6. Conduct study and propose improve work unit structure and working mechanism /system in collaborate with the concerned bodies.
  7. Asses best practice on the utilization of change tools expand them further on their work unites.
  8. Identify customer complains, and propose better solution for all concerned bodies.
  9. Insure the existence transparent and accountable management system in all colleges, faculties, schools, directorates and offices.

Good governance

Good governance has 8(eight) major characteristic it is participatory  consensus oriented, accountable, transparent, responsible, effective and efficient, equitable and inclusive  and follow the rule of low. It assures the corruption is minimized. The views of minorities are taken into account and that the voices of the most vulnerable in society are heard in decision making it is also responsive to the present and future needs of society.