Students' Service Directorate

Students' service directorate is one of the supportive processes that has been identified and established on the BPR. Since its establishment in the university, Students' service directorate is mainly concerned with providing various quality and standard services to students. The following are the major services delivered by this directorate.

1. Food Services The directorate relatively provides food catering services with better feeding menu and more improved quality and sanitation of café by employing qualified manpower, by installing new modern equipment, facilities as well as technologies

2. Dormitory Services Accommodation service is another big service delivered by student service directorate mainly concerned with provision of dormitories with necessary facilities, furniture and materials. The university has 20 buildings which have above 1050 dormitories that can accommodate 8000 students. Accommodation service team /AST (a team under this directorate) allocates dormitories for students in such a way that if the students are first year, it allocates dormitories randomly according to departmental category. If the students are second year or above, AST requests them to choose dorm mates and allocates them dormitories accordingly

3. Health and Medical Services The health and Medical service is one of the major services provided for students by Students' services directorate. In this respect, the directorate is delivering services in two clinics (Robe and Goba campuses). In both clinics we are providing better quality of health and medical services for students by employing qualified manpower, by using modern equipment, facilities and technologies. If it is serious and beyond our clinics we refer Robe hospital, Goba hospitals and even other hospitals are highly engaged in hosting and treating our students who need further treatments and diagnoses. Therefore, our students are granted for their health and medical services during their stay in our university

4. Sport And Recreation Services Sport and recreation service is another very big services provided for students by sport and recreation team established under students' service directorate. Here the directorate and the team are mainly concerned providing varieties services such as sport entertainment, recreational, shopping and postal and communication services. Regarding sport service the directorate and the university give due attention for students to recreate and entertain themselves by allocating enough budget. For instance our students were participated in 7th Ethiopian Public HEIs that had been hosted by Haromaya University, Bale Zone Champion as well as Madda Walabu University Charity League. 5. Guidance and Counseling Services The University puts and practices a system to provide Guidance and Counseling Services for students to provide them with professional supports on issues such as social, psychological, academic, economic, environmental and life related aspects.

Accordingly, Guidance and Counsel-ing Team helped a lot of students in solving their own problems specially these problems related to psycho-social adjustment, academic problem, emotional disorders, fear of examination and tests. 


Director of Students Service Directorate