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Library & Documentation Services

Library is a center of all academic activities which supports the teaching, learning, and research process of a university. Madda Walabu University library, as a subsystem, derives its objectives from the mission of the university. The main objective for the establishment of Madda Walabu University Library was to promote the teaching learning, research & public service goals of the university community by special provision of information resources. Madda Walabu University Library, in its attempt to achieve these objectives, accomplishes the following duties: Providing learning – teaching resources to instructors, researchers, students & other community members. Keeping & and collecting information resources effectively & economically. Facilitating the reading environment for users. Making linkages with university management, NGOs & other International and /or domestic donors in order to collect sufficient resources to the library. Madda Walabu University Library collection includes books, journals, magazines & audiovisual collections. The collection covers most of the studies currently offered by the university programs. Currently, four libraries are functioning in MWU. 
These are: 
  1. Natural Science & Technology library is found in the main campus mainly serving for Engineering, Technology & Natural Science users. 
  2. Social Science Library is also found in the main campus in front of the Natural Science & Technology library. Students and academic staff from Social Science, Business and Economic Language Studies and related disciplines mainly get service from this library. 
  3. Post Graduate Library is also hasted in main campus, which is the new library opened for graduate program. 
  4. Goba Medicine and Health Science Collage library is located in Goba campus and mainly serves for the health science students and staff. 
Service Provided by Library and Documentation Service .
  • Loan service . 
  • Reference service .
  • Internet . Circulation Photocopy & Binding 
Some of the activities being conducted by Madda Walabu University Library and Documentation Science in this academic year 
  1. Book and other information sources organized in scientific way & catalogue system has already been implemented.
  2. E-Library system is under function. 
  3. Pocket cards have been prepared and are on distribution, which are used for students and staff to borrow books from the libraries. 
  4. In circulation section, the whole reading and loan services enhanced and organized in good way to facilitate the user’s research work and others. 
  5. As the intake capacity of the university is increasing, the demand for extra library materials is also increasing. The university, therefore, allocated 2.5 million Birr to purchase books. 
  6. To fill the gap of the shortage of books in all schools, about 5,000,000 Birr was allocated and large number of books was purchased and began giving service in all libraries. In addition, books with few copies and rare in the market were being duplicated and made available. 
Future Plan For the coming academic year the university library plans to open a bigger central library. In addition to this, it is planning to develop Digital Library to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the library. 

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