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Business and Economics


  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Economics
  • Business Management
  • Tourism Management

School of Business and Economics

One of the schools in Madawalabu University is the School of Business and Economics. Currently, the School has five departments namely, Accounting and Finance, Management, Economics, Marketing Management and Tourism Management. It has one graduate program in Masters of Business Administration that was launched in the year 2014 G.C/ 2006 E.C. 2nd semester The school was founded in 1999 E.C. and since then, it has an outstanding reputation for research and academic excellence. The aim of the school is to deliver knowledge and enable the community to make difference in the business world. As a vision the school aspires to be one of the best centers of excellence and service rending schools in the university by 2020. The mission of the school is to produce competent entrepreneurial graduates, to provide need-based community service and to carry out problem solving research in general. In pursuing this mission across the inter-related areas of education, research and publication and community service, the school places particular emphasis on intellectual and personal development, international orientation of its field of studies, and engagement with government industries, community as a whole and professional association. The school has a motto: Quality teaching driven by results, not by tradition. The graduates of the school can engage in any types of industries especially finance sectors. This is why most people are in need to choose the school because of ample job opportunities in the market. At present, there are more than 1000 students, of which around 200 are extension and 30 post graduate students in the school. The total number of the instructors is 81, of which 23 are on study leave. The teachers, in the school are young and highly motivated. Our methods and curriculum are harmonized and it’s all very industry focused- build on “real world” experience. In order to support teaching learning for all departments, we have one computer laboratory that has been established in the year . The school of Business and Economics carried out different researches, especially, on tourism and participate in providing community services works. Some of the important community services include: Training on modern business management, to traders, challenges and opportunities of Micro and Small scale industries, tourism and hospitality etc. in collaboration with research and community service directorates. 

School of Business and Economics