Development and Resource Generation Directorate


Authority and responsibility for development and resource generation directorate:-

  • Coordinating development partners, formulating development and wealth generation polices, strategies, development plans and legal frameworks to ensure universal management of development and wealth generation and making it a model for the development of the university.
  • Based on integrated transparency and accountability, reliable and sustainable development and wealth generation is a significant contribution to rapid economic development.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by providing efficient, quality and fair service.
  • Production of quality products by increasing customer satisfaction

©      Subsidizing the university by 5% in addition to the government budget

  • Under the new organization of the Development and Resource Generation Directorate under the Business and Development Vice President, in 2014/15, various service providers and the establishment of development projects that can increase the internal revenue of the university.
  • Strengthening good governance and eliminating rent-seeking attitudes and actions to satisfy the needs of consumers.
  1. Objectives of the directorate of development and resource generation
  • Increase customer satisfaction by providing efficient, quality and fair service.
  • Implementing legal and effective use of resources and budget.
  • Establishing an efficient income generation system by carrying out legal manpower deployment and capacity building activities.
  • Promoting good governance and eliminating rent-seeking attitudes and actions in order to satisfy the needs of the citizens.
  • Expanding networks and enhancing accessibility of income generation/business centers in the university.
  • To ensure that the working activities of the departments are conducted in a manner that respects justice, equity and the rule of law.
  1. The activities carried out under the Directorate of Development and Resource Regeneration are divided into two major sectors
  2. Agricultural development sector
  3. Business sector

The agricultural sector can be divided into three sectors

  1. In the field of animal product marketing and quality control group
  2. Adultery
  3. Vegetable and fruit cultivation are the main ones

Among the major activities carried out under the Animal Product Marketing and Quality Control Group are:

  1. Operation of the cattle breeding station
  2. Artificial breeding of animals
  3. Oxen fattening work

One of the most important activities in animal husbandry is cow breeding. The work carried out under this field is artificial breeding of animals, this work improves the blood level of the animals and improves the blood level of the breeding cows of the university to increase the income from the sector. To enable the university to increase its income by selling prices, on the other hand to improve the blood quality of the animals of the local community.

It is supplying the milk produced from the cow farm at a reasonable price to the university staff and to Harana, a commercial and consulting enterprise owned by the university.

Regarding the development of fattening oxen, it is an increase in income from the activities of this sector, and it is also contributing to the improvement of the current local price by providing fattening oxen at affordable prices to the university staff and the local community.


Getahun Alemu Awilachew

Directorate of the Director

Office Phone:-0222440202


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