Research, Community Engagement, and Technology Transfer Vice President Office Directorate

General Information

The objective of the office is to assist and strengthen the vice president whenever required by shouldering the responsibility and staying informed about the initiatives and priorities of the office. Thus, the office helps the RCETT vice president to concentrate with regard to strategic plans in general and excludes the vice president from day-to-day routine activities.

In general, the main duty and responsibility of the director is to follow up and support offices under the RCETT vice president.

The Responsibilities and Duties of RCETTVP Office Director

  • Ensure that the vice president’s instructions and orders are handled and fulfilled properly and on time by the staff in the office;
  • Take care of matters that do not require the vice president’s direct involvement, examine them and take the proper action in consultation with the concerned individuals or offices;
  • Handle cases according to vice president’s instructions and reports on the progress and results of actions taken;
  • Ensure that guests coming to the vice president’s office with various issues are properly treated and their issues addressed;
  • Follows up the implementation of strategic plan of the wind by the directorates ;
  • Ensure that the Action Plan of the  RCETTVP is properly followed and implemented by the directorates , reminds and encourages them to submit reports regularly;
  • To discover the obstacles lurking below the surface and find out solution
  • Following vice president’s instructions, gather relevant information on issues under process by consulting concerned offices and individuals and presents the matters to the vice president for decision.
  • Suggest appropriate changes to ensure adherence to approved policies, practices and procedures within the area of responsibility,
  • Provides suggestion to the vice president concerning actions to be taken, decisions to be made and alternatives to be considered regarding certain matters for which he seeks advice;
  • Provide the necessary guidance with regard to the management of tasks and activities for the office staffs and oversees that they discharge the duties assigned to them properly;

Contact Address

Lenco Samuel  ( Director )
Phone:     +251932668636
P.O.Box :   247 Robe-Bale, Ethiopia