President office directorate

Welcome to Madda Walabu University Office of the president.

Madda Walabu University (MWU) was established in the beautiful land of Bale, which has been deservedly chosen as a Center of Excellence in Tourism, Agriculture and Biodiversity. It has the privilege of being located in the center of biodiversity, BMNP, the largest cave of Sof Umar and the shrine of Dire Sheikh Hussein, UNESCO tentative World Heritage Sites; and potential areas for agriculture; the university envisioned creating positive change in the local community and providing tremendous opportunities for regional, national and global upbeat impacts.

Our office is always forward-looking, and we are embarking on a new strategic plan that will build on our strengths to advance our mission as a public university.

With this in mind, the President’s Advisor and all staff of the president’s office will demonstrate commitment to continuous quality improvement and to providing outstanding service to a variety of internal and external University stakeholders, and maintaining an overall standard of excellence for the staff in the Office of the President.

As office of the president our priorities include:

  • Success to students, teachers and employees
  • Work with cross-functional teams and to foster teamwork.
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Holistic well-being
  • Public engagement and impact built into all of the above areas

I hope your visit to our website and to our university underscores our commitment to comprehensive excellence, creativity, and community.

Dejene Tafa

President Adviser




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