Human Resource Admin/Development Directorate


The Madda Walabu University Human Resource Admin/Development Directorate is accountable to the Vice-President for Administration and Students’ Affair, performing the following   major activities:

  • Develop human resources management working procedures in line with existing policies in terms of human resources planning, filling vacant positions, human resources development, compensation and benefits, and human resources information system management;
  • Ensure that human resources policies and work procedures are known and complied with by individuals as well as collective bodies concerned;
  • Devise and implement employee compensation, benefits, grievance handling, and separation management systems and ensure their proper implementation;
  • In consultation with ICT Office, develop comprehensive human resources automated information system and ensure its proper utilization;
  • Advise all bodies concerned on efficient and effective handling of human resources management tasks such as planning, recruitment, placement, development, promotion, transfer and discharges;
  • Ensure that human resources management related decisions in the University are consistent with pertinent policies and regulations of the University and the laws of the country;
  • Develop human resources management related strategies and operational plans and follow up on their implementation upon approval;
  • Plan, coordinate and execute human resources training and development activities throughout the University;
  • Evaluate employee performance and recommend good performers for pay raise or promotion or other forms of reward, and take corrective measures on least performers to improve their performance;
  • Set up accessible grievance handling procedures and properly handle the same;
  • Develop standards and procedures for handling undergraduate and postgraduate education/training requests of employees under the support giving work unit of the University as per the University regulations;
  • Advise University higher officials on human resources matters;
  • Handle discipline committee recommendations as per the mandate given to the directorate;
  • Facilitate human power acquisition requests;
  • Plan and study overtime payments and propose how best it can be handled, and execute them on approval;
  • Plan and study employee benefit schemes and propose how best it can be handled, and execute them on approval;
  • Provide the necessary support for college/school level human resources work units;
  • Oversee the maintenance of human resources record system;
  • Perform other related duties given by VPASA.

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