Department of Medical Laboratory Science

About department and Message

The department of Medical Laboratory Science is one of the core departments of the School of Medicine and College of Health Sciences. The department was established in September 2010 E.C and is committed to excellence in the core activities of teaching and research in the field of Medical Laboratory an enrolment of students for Degree program. The department has a responsibility to be self-critical, innovative and dedicated to producing the best and in sighted health professionals to improve the health of the public. The program is designed to further expand opportunities for postgraduate training in Ethiopia with a focus on capacity building within the University and to the nation at large. The Department seeks active collaboration with institutes in the country and abroad to fully and effectively implement its postgraduate program.


At present, the Department runs the following programs:

  • BSc in Medical Laboratory Science (Regular)
  • MSc in Medical Microbiology (Regular and Extension)

Staff profile: Currently the department has a total of twenty two (22) academic staff with different level of academics. Accordingly, PhD (1), MSc (11) and BSc (10). This is expressed in academic rank as:(1) Associate professor, (2) Assistant Professor, (9) Lecturer and 10 Assistant Lecturer.  Among those academic staff (5) are PhD candidate and all BSc holder are MSc followers at different Universities.

Student profile: There are 122 students currently enrolled, 89 Males and 33 Females. This is expressed in batches with 56 students in the 2nd year, 26 students in the 3rd year and 40 students in the 4th year. As a department, a total of 58 students have graduated, 28 with regular program and 30 with post basic program.

Location: The Department located on the first  floor of the main building of the college of Health Science and School of Medicine at Goba campus about Fourteen (14) Kilometer  away from the Main Campus of the university.         


  • Current Department Head: Wakuman Taye Kelecha
  • Campus: Goba
  • Building: Ground +1
  • Office no: 04
  • Mobile: +251-913-922965



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