College of Engineering


Well Come to Madda Walabu university College of Engineering, College established with the mission of community service for its commitment to reaching beyond the boundaries of disciplines in pursuit of innovation and solutions to real world problems. Our plan honors and expands upon that core strength, aligning the college staff, processes, and priorities around a common vision.

The college have six(6) undergraduate program and two (2) postgraduate with three specialization and around 1000 students with 197 staffs who have grate rule to achieve the mission.

Depending on the programs engineering college had planned to fulfill the require numbers and quality of Laboratory in all Engineering fields including manpower. We intend to build upon our solid foundation as a world -class engineering college with a distinct identity and a reputation for excellence.  Our bolstered by our legacy of innovation and collaboration, and is grounded by our core values.

The college plan will serve over the next five years. It reaffirms our commitment to collaborate with our colleagues across discipline in higher education, government and industry in pursuit of breaking through discoveries and transformative solution.

Lastly, I would like to thank all staff and students as well as colleagues of different college for your effort.

Dinku Worku    (MSc)    Director, College of Engineering

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