-    The RAD is offering services for Regular, Extension, summer, winter in-service& Regular in`-service students. The office also give services for those who were students and left the university for various reasons(graduation , medical, personal, academic etc)

-  The office is responsible for preparing the necessary forms for registration, add& Drop of courses, withdrawal/ clearance, special grade format, readmission, scheduling the registrations; recording grades, keeping students’ records, preparing lists of students recommended for graduation and preparing the issuing credentials.

Academic Rules and Regulations

Academic Calendar  -  One Academic year(usually, between September and end of June or the beginning of July) consists of two semesters, each 16 weeks within which mid semester exam will be administered.

Choice of Program of Study

1.  Students will be admitted into the programs of their choice on a competitive basis using their grade as a measure. However, special provisions shall be made for female students and other socially disadvantaged groups that require affirmative action.

2. Academic Units may submit specific entrance requirements such as passes in certain subjects or additional test results and may state if, and what, kinds of physical disabilities prevent students from pursuing studies in their respective disciplines. These requirements need to be developed by the relevant academic units and approved by the APC of the Senate.

3.  Students shall fill out application forms indicating their choices of discipline, grade and other particulars for review by the APC.

4. In cases where there are more applicants than places in a program, those applicants who fail to get their first choice will compete     for their second choice and if they fail to get their second choice they do the same for their third, fourth choice, etc.

5.     When there are more applicants with the same grade indicating the same level of preference to a program than places therein, applicants with better grades in the specific entrance requirements shall be given priority.


-  Students in all programs must be in a good healthy & appropriate for the field of study. Each student must register at the beginning of each semester after completing all requirements like clearance, grade reports, etc….

Courses & credit Requirements

-  All courses are expected to be modular, but some are block courses and some are parallel courses. A minimum ECTS or credit hours for full time regular students shall be 25 or 15 per semester, respectively.

-    The Maximum load shall not be exceeding 32 ECTS or 19 unless otherwise stated in the course catalogue/curriculum

-     A student who has justifiable reasons for deviation from the normal load has to secure a special permission, not exceeding 35 ECTS or 22, from the respective Academic Council (AC)

-         Total Credit requirement for degree program(6 semesters or 3 years) is 102 to 114 credit hours or 150 to 180 ECTS,4 year programs is 136 to 152 or 200 E to 280ECTS and for 5 year bachelor program shall be 170 t0 190 or 250 to 350 ECTSand 6 year.

Table 1 ECTS Grading system


Raw mark Interval [100%]

Corresponding Fixed Number Grade

Corresponding Letter Grade

Status Description

Class Description




First class with  Great Distinction








Very Good

First class with   Distinction









First class





Second class




Lower class




Very poor

Lower class





Lowest class





Lowest class


NG= No Grade, W= withdrawal, DO= Drop out. There will be a grade of P or F for physical education.

-         In order to score a grade students must attend at least 80% of the classes and all assignments and assessments must be completed, otherwise NG(no grade) will be assigned.Students with NG shall submit their evidences within the limit specified on the academic calendar to the office of the Registrar. The DAC or school exam committee will change NG’s to incomplete (I) that will be removed through make up examination, withdrawal (w) for students that officially withdraw, or dropout (DO) if a student quits  without official withdrawal procedure

Academic Achievements

-         A first year student who obtains SGPA less than 1.5 at the end of the first semester is subjected to Academic Dismissal

-         A first year students who scores SGPA of 1.50 up to 1.75 shall continue his studies, but be warned

-         Any students who scores SGPA below 1.5 or CGPA below 1.75 will be dismissed irrespective of his her CGPA or SGPA, respectively

-         Student who fails to achieve a SGPA of 1.00 at any semester is subject to dismissal for good

-         Academic Probation is a suspension of penalty of dismissal because of scholastic failure. It is not a right but privilege given by the senate (DAC)

-         However, a student who for two consecutive semester scores a SGPA of greater than or equal to 2.00 and if his CGPA is greater or equal to 1.90 upon the decision of the respective SMC may be considered for as a probation students but not pass student.

-         A student who scored “Fx” must sit for re-exam with minor support within two weeks’ time after the beginning o the next semester.  If a student scores “Fx” for the 2nd time, the grade shall be converted In to “F” for status determination.

Grade Complain

-         A student may apply for re- grading with in the time frame on the Academic calendar if he/she is not satisfied with the Grade.

-          A student can complainfor re-grading only for maximum of one course per semester.

-         A student is allowed to apply for re-grading for maximum of two times during his entire stay in program of study.

-         If the re-grading result is a grade lower than the one previously, obtained, the lower grade shall be recorded.

Repeating courses

-         A student who obtains“F” grade in a course may repeat the course in consultation with his/her academic advisor until the “F” grade is removed whenever it is offered

-   A student who has been allowed to repeat of course based on an original “D” grade cannot repeat the course more than twice unless it is required to remove the student’s academic deficiency for graduation

Make up Examinations

-         Make-up Examination is allowed only for a student who is unable to sit for a final examination for reasons for beyond his/her control (hospitalization or accidents)

-   It is never allowed for more than two things throughout the study period nor to raise grade point average.

-  Any such student, or a person representing the student , shall submit in writing valid and documented reasons for not having sat for the examination to the head of academic unit within two weeks after the start of the subsequent semester

-   A student is allowed to sit for make-up exam only if he can produce valid and documented reasons for not having sat on final examination a weak after the start of the next semester.

-   If A student does not have valid and Documented reasons for not sitting for final examination the “I” grade on student record will be changed automatically to “F”

-     A student who has less than three ( one or two) “I” grades in a semester and who is allowed to take a makeup examination may continue his studies in subsequent semester if he si in good academic standing

Remarking Examinations

-         The student has the right to see the result of their examination papers

-         The maximum number of courses that the student can apply for remarking shall be only  two at any one time

-    A grade obtained  in remarking shall be final even if it is lower than the one previously obtained.



-     Candidates in a good academic standing wishing to discontinue their studies must fill in an official withdrawal form

-     Students who intend to drop or withdraw from the university for a semester or a year must discuss the matter thoroughly with their academic advisor.

-   Application for withdrawal must be within eight weeks (50% of the semester duration) after registration for the semester and present to the respective department or school director, when approved, submit to Registrar.

-         Reasons for withdrawal must be supported by reliable and irrefutable document(s)


-       Readmission is not a right but a privilege given to the student by the academic Commission(AC)

-         Astudent, who has been dismissed or withdraw for reasons beyond his/her control, may have the privilege to be readmitted. Readmission application is processed on the time set on the academic calendar

-  Any application before or after this time set will not be accepted. First year first semester students who havebeen dismissed at the end of the 1st semester need to have at least a CGPA of 1.25 to apply for readmission.  An Academically dismissed student who is dismissed at the end of two semester may be readmitted if the CGPA is 1.50

-      A 2nd year student dismissed at the end of any semester with a CGPA not less than 1.85 may be readmitted

-      A student who has been dismissed twice for academic reasons cannot apply for readmission Re-admission is not granted after three years from the date of withdrawal.


-         All required courses and minimum ECTS(cr.hrs) shall be satisfied. ACGPA of 2>00 and MGPAs 2.00 is required. There should be no F grade graduates shall collect their temporary degree/diploma from the office of the Registrar within three month after graduation day.

Role of Academic Advisors

-  Each student shall immediately contact his/her academic advisor in case of any academic problem detail and supportive advises are given by the advisor. Advisors are responsible for students’ academic matters. Students should feel free to discuss with their advisor all personal, social and other problems that directly or indirectly threaten their academic performance.(Article 40)

Violations of Examination Regulations

1.   Found in possession and copying from pieces of paper or any other source of information brought into an exam hall where such material is not specifically permitted.
2.   Working on or being found in possession of exam papers other than one’s own.
3. Exchanging information in the exam hall through oral, symbolic, written, and electronic or (holding electronic devices) any other means where these are not specifically permitted.
4. Disorderly conduct in an exam hall, including refusal to accept and abide by instructions given by the invigilator.
5.  Copying or trying to copy from any other student or deliberately letting any student copy from one’s exam paper.
6. Being found with any kind of written material not officially permitted into the exam hall in any form (on paper, on clothing, on body parts, etc.) or with equipment and devices of all kinds such as cell phone that are not specifically permitted


-  Tuition and accommodation fees for regular Ethiopia students are based on the cost sharing regulations.

There are charges for various services rendered by the RAD.

No   Service                                                Fee

1.  Issuance of original Degree/diploma                100.00

2.  Issuance of official Copy

           o   Domestic Destination (per page)              60.00

             o   International Destination(per page)        300.00

3.  Late Registration with penalty 1st day                 50.00

            "            "                 2nd day               60.00

4.  Lost ID                                                             35.00

5.  Torn ID                                                             20.00

6.  ID due to Name Change by Court                        70.00    

7.  Authentication of Documents per page                15.00

8.  To whom it may Concern letter                            15.00

9.  Issuance of student Copy per page                       15.00

10. Readmission application                                    15.00

11. Replacement of Lost Temporary  document          20.00

12.   Change document if error is made by customer    30.00



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