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In the redesigning process, the university was re-engineered in to two core and three support processes. Research and Community Service Core Processes was redesigned to undertake problem solving researches and provide demand divined community services. Research and Community Service Core Process owned well developed structure after redesigning (see figure below). Having this structure, the Core Processes is addressing societal problems through conducting researches, transferring technologies, providing training and consultancy services, and doing developmental activities that solve societal problems.


Our mission is to produce problem solving research findings and provide demand driven community services through undertaking research, training, consultancy, development activities and technology transfer to ensure sustainable socioeconomic development in our country.


Our vision is to make Research and Community Service Directorate of Madda Walabu University one of the top five problem solving research institutions in Ethiopia in 2020.

  • Madda Walabu University is established to produce capable and competent students, undertake problem solving researches and provide community services that solve community's problems. As the two basic components of the mission of  Madda Walabu University were not effectively implemented to solve community problems, the university redesigned its process in 2010/11.



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