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Public Relation Office

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President Office
Academic Vice President
Administrative and Development Vice President
External and Public Relations
Fax: +251 22665 2519
  • Postal:247
  • Bale Robe 
  • Ethiopia
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                            Major Mandates and Responsibilities of Public and External Relations Office of Madda Walabu University.

                              • Providing accurate information regarding the vision, mission, goals objectives and Core values of Madda Walabu University for Stakeholders.
                              • Maintaining and promoting prestige and image of Madda Walabu University.
                              • Responsible for maintaining good institutional image and communicate with internal & external stakeholder of the Madawalabu University.
                              • Ensure and foster smooth relations and communication with the nearby community and others with whom of Madda Walabu University has working relationships,
                              • Responsible for publicizing positive news and events related to Madda Walabu University through all possible media.
                              • Share information regarding Madda Walabu University s academic programs, research and community services.
                              • Plan and coordinate partnership and collaboration with other universities, organizations, NGO’s, embassies and etc.
                              • Responsible for producing materials, publications and symbols that promote and market Madda Walabu University.
                              • Lead and manage University Special events and programs.
                              • Organize and manage media to reach the public and act as the key contact / spokes man/ for media related issues.
                              • Accepting guests arriving at the university and facilitating for their business.
                              • Manage and execute imaging, audiovisual and documentation Services.
                              • Responsible for crisis management and communications.