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HIV Prevention and Control Office

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  • Madda Walabu University HIV Prevention and Control Office (MWU HAPCO)

     Madda Walabu University HIV Prevention and Control Office is under administrative wing of the university and accountable to the President office. The office was established five years back with the objective to prevent and control the transmission of HIV among the university students and the staff as well as the surrounding community through collaborative action of different stakeholders and mainstreaming HIV/AIDS prevention strategy into academic and administrative wing structure of the university. The office also works to mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS by providing care and support service to peoples living with the virus who are members of the university as well as to community members of Goba and Robe Town.


    We aspire to see zero incidence of HIV among Madda Walabu University students and staff in the coming five to ten years.     


    The mission of MWU HAPCO is to prevent transmission of HIV, other STIs and reduce the impact of HIV and contribute to the realization of the mission of the university.

    Staff Profile: - MWU HAPCO office is staffed by three employees.

    1.      One Campus HIV Expert with Health background.

    2.      One resource center expert Clinical nursing background.

    3.      One office secretary with Information technology background.