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  •             Ethics & Anti Corruption

    1.      About the Directorate

    Ethics and anti-corruption directorate of Madda Walabu University has been established since the establishment of the university to work on ethical and corruption issues and consult the president of the university in this regard.

    It has been established with the objectives to:

    ü  create an aware staff where corruption will not be tolerated by promoting ethics and anti-corruption education; work discipline, professional ethics, realization of serving the public and sense of responsibility among employees,

    ü  prevent corruption crimes and other immodesties;

    ü  expose corruption crimes and immodesty. 

    2.      Message from the Director

    Corruption is the abuse of delegated power for private advantage. Thus, it is the misuse of public power through means that are illegitimate, immoral, or incompatible with ethical standards of the institutions. It can cost people’s freedom, health, money and sometimes even their lives. By doing so, it undermines employee’s trust in institutions and leaders. Thus, prevention and eradication of corruption is an absolute requirement for better functioning of public institutions. As corruption becomes increasingly sophisticated, the fight against it also demands a well-integrated, multidisciplinary strategy. To this effect our directorate is designing corruption prevention strategy together with the established corruption prevention council of the university under the supervision of the Federal Ethics and anti-corruption commission of Ethiopia. It is expected to be effective in the coming month of December and reduce the act of maladministration and corruption.

                              With your backing we can lay corruption in its grave!

    3.      Vision of the Directorate

    The directorate aspires to see our university to be one of the best corruption free universities in the nation in 2025 by curbing corruption to the level where it cannot become an impediment to quality education, standard research and community service as well as good governance.

    4.       Mission of the Directorate

    The directorate works to insure transparency and accountability in the university by promoting ethics and anti-corruption education, mobilizing the public against corruption, conducting assets registration and disclosure undertakings and preventing corruption and immodesty with the collaboration of other offices.

         5. Staff Profile of the Directorate

    Ethics and ant-corruption directorate is headed by ethics and anti-corruption director and may have the necessary staffs. Currently, it has two staff member i.e the director and expert of good governance and ethics.

    1.      Director- MA in Geography and Environmental Studies (Urban and Regional Planning)

    2.      Higher Expert-BA in Economics

    An Ethics and ant-corruption directorate is accountable to the president of the university and has working relations with the Federal Ethics and anti-corruption commission.