His Excellency Dear Dr. Alemayehu Jote, V/President for Administration and Dev. and delegate of the president

Dear all distinguished invited external reviewers

 Dear all invited university directors, department Heads, government officials,

 Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

On the behalf of School of Graduate Studies, it gives me a great pleasure and honor to welcome all of you to the 7th round Curricula Review Symposium organized by School of Graduate Studies of Madda Walabu University.

Dear  all participants, Ladies & Gentlemen

Madda Walabu University has been undertaking the expansion and diversification of both undergraduate and graduate programs since its inception. During the initial commencement of the programs in 2013, two graduates programs, namely TEFL and Environmental Science were launched with a total enrollment of 54 students. Currently, among 24 programs with approved curricula, the university has been undertaking graduate programs in 22 Programs in regular, weekend and summer modalities. In the meantime, the university is hosting more than 1400 graduate students in the three modalities. 

Since the commencement of Graduate Program in Dec 2013 up to present, a series of 6 Curricula review symposia have been conducted by Madda Walabu University in line with the priority needs of the country. For the design and review of a program, the major criteria are as per guideline of HEQRA including the relevance of the program to the country investigated by conducting internal and external need assessments, Material and Human power resource to launch the program, employability of the graduates, the assessment methods and the quality assurance and relevance methods.


Dear Ladies & Gentlemen

 Last year (during the 6th symposia), six graduate programs curricula namely M.Sc in Animal Production, M.Sc in Agronomy, M.Sc in Plant Pathology, M.Sc in Range Ecology & Biodiversity Conservation, Specialty in Surgery, and Specialty in Gynecology & Obstetrics were reviewed and the MOE granted us accreditation and the permission to launch the programs. In meantime, we are on preparation to graduate students enrolled in some of these programs and in others. This symposium is therefore the 7th and  has been prepared to review six programs namely M.Sc in Mathematics (in three specialization), M.Sc in Physics (in three specialization), MPH in Epidemiology, M.Sc in Adult Health Nursing, M.Sc in Accounting & Finance and M.A in Marketing Management. This will be expected to increase fully functional graduate programs to 28. Such symposium has brought scholars, researchers and stakeholders from different perspectives to debate and discuss on the aforementioned draft curricula that will ultimately help to produce graduates who have a caliber to solve societal and environmental problems. The participants of this review symposium are expected to raise questions and give constructive comments and suggestions during public discussion session for the betterment of the drafted curricula. 

This curriculum review symposium has been initiated with the following purposes.

1.      To investigate the extent to which the drafted curricula respond to the needs of the learner, the society and the country at large.

2.      To identify and fill the gaps of the current draft curricula

3.      To create a network among different scholars and institutes for future collaborative  work and to introduce our new programs to the public 

For the review of the aforementioned curricula, scholars have invited from Addis Ababa Science & Technology University, Arsi University, Hawassa University, and Jimma University. Stakeholders from different organization in Bale zone, academic and research directors and concerned department heads and staff of Madda Walabu University with a well to do experience have been invited to enrich the drafted curricula. 

This symposium has two sessions, the morning and the afternoon sessions.

· In morning session, six curricula are presented. The participants including the invited guests could raise general questions and comments that shall be responded by the curriculum presenters during public discussions.

·   The afternoon session is a closed session where the curriculum presenters and subject experts will have a round table in-depth discussion and debate so as to update the draft curricula. It is the session where very technical and in-depth subject analysis shall be entertained. 

The final updated version of the curricula will be submitted within a week to the school of Graduate studies. The approved curricula will be supported by minutes that describes the steps to launch the programs approved College academic Commission, University Graduate Council, Madda Walabu University Senate and endorsed by MWU management board and subsequently presented to MoE for final approval and accreditation to commence the programs.  


·         I would like to extend my appreciation to all of our invited guests especially to external reviewers for your willingness to accept our invitation to evaluate the respective curriculum of your specialization.

·         I would like to thank MWU management for allowing the budget for undertaking of this program.

·         Departments and Collages who that have initiated the launching of the respective programs are also highly acknowledged.

·         Members of University Graduate Council (UGC) deserve a great appreciation and honour without them, such symposium would have not been successful.

 Thank you very much for your attention!!!

 Finally, I would like to invite His Excellency Dear Dr. Alemayehu Jote, V/President for Administration and Dev. and delegate of the president, to the stage to deliver his message and officially declare