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Engineering and Technology

  • Computer Science
  • Information System
  • Information Science
  • Civil Engineering
  • Water and Irrigation Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Construction Management
  • Mechanical Engineering
The School of Engineering and Technology is one of the largest schools in Madawalabu University. The School of Engineering and Technology of Madawalabu University was launched in 2010/11. It has two departments namely Construction Technology and Management, and Computer Science while it was established. In 2011/12, the school launched additional three course teams Civil and Urban Engineering (Now, the name changed to CIVIL ENGINEERING), Water Resource and Irrigation Engineering, and Information System. This year it has launched additional three programs: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering and Information Science. Now, the school has eight departments/course teams. In addition to regular program, the school is offering civil Engineering and computer Science Courses at BSC level through extension program. Until the year 2014 there are 2528 students in regular and extension programs in the school. The school has one large workshop that includes Highway, Drafting Surveying, Soil, material .Building, Electrical and other more laboratories. Further, there are more than 19 computer laboratories. These live laboratories make our teaching learning process more satisfactory and practical.