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Behavioral School


  • Civics and Ethical Education
  • Law
  • Sociology
  • Psychology

School of Behavioral Sciences

Currently, School of Behavioral sciences comprises Four Course Teams: Namely, Civics and Ethical Education, Law, Sociology and Psychology. Hopefully, Social work and Good Governance will come soon as newly emerging departments. The school is contributing its own role in supporting the countries as well as the Universities effort in building democracy, development and renaissance. Vision of Behavioral school We envision a school that leads similar colleges in East-Africa as the center for cross-disciplinary exchange and innovation in education, research, and community services. Mission of Behavioral School To produce competent entrepreneurial graduates, provide need based community services and demand driven/problem solving research out puts through relevant and quality education, research, training and consultancy service to foster socio-economic development of the surrounding community as well as the country at all. We are realizing the Higher Education Proclamation (2009) that granted the Universities to work under the major framework of: • Preparing knowledgeable, skilled, and attitudinally mature graduates in numbers with demand-based Proportional balance of fields and disciplines so that the country shall become internationally competitive; • Promoting and enhancing research focusing on technology transfer consistent with the country’s priority needs; • Ensuring that education and research promote freedom of expression based on reason and rational discourse; • Designing and providing community and consultancy services that shall cater to the developmental needs of the country; • Ensuring the participation of key stakeholders in the governance of institutions; • Promoting and upholding justice, fairness, and rule of law in institutional life; • Promoting democratic culture and upholding multicultural community life; Under the above principles at this time, the school is exerting a powerful effort in the following pillars; A. Effectively and efficiently Utilizing “Learners networking” (የትምህርት ልማት ሰራዊትና 1፡5 አደረጃጀት) doctrine as main tool for ensuring quality of education. B. Intervening on the following need driven community services: Life skill training program for 1st year and Graduating (GC) students as behavioral and attitudinal change instrument. - Psycho-educational service Program for bale zone corrective centers. - Civil service regulation and Proclamations for MWU community. - Free Legal aid and consultancy in Bale Zone. - Guidance and Counseling service. - Different Capacity Building Trainings to Teachers, supporting staffs and students. C. Conducting Different Problem Solving researches. Mr. Berihun (Director of the School of Behavioral Sciences)