Educational Planning and Management Course Team


To produce competent educational planners and managers that can handle leadership responsibilities under the context of changing environment and decentralized education system.

General Objectives

Essentially, the general objective of this program is to produce educational leaders and researchers who can address educational demands and challenges through critical analysis of educational institution's environment (political, economic, socio-cultural and technological). Moreover, the program is aim to produce democratic visionary, innovative, change oriented and professionally committed educational planners and managers that can hold leadership responsibilities under decentralized educational contexts.

Specific Objectives

The specific objective of the Bachelor of Arts Degree program in Educational Planning and Management include:

  • Produce educational planners and managers and supervisors who are well informed of the national and regional constitutions, thereby assume leadership positions and responsibilities
  • Produce educational planners and managers that can generate, manage and utilize educational resources effectively.
  • Produce educational planners and managers who can initiate educational changes, innovations and developments by addressing local and regional needs and realities.
  • Produce educational planners and managers that can mobilize and involve the local communities and there by strengthen the school and community relationship.
  • Produce educational planners and managers who are capable of solving educational problems by applying skills of educational research.

BA Program

Applicants for admission to the Bachelor's degree program in Educational Planning and Management must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Have a diploma in educational management or related teaching subjects with a minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 2.00 at graduation from an accredited Teacher training institution OR
  • Pass mark in the EHEECE (Ethiopian Higher Education Entrance Certificate Examination) set for degree admission in that year.
  • Teaching or administrative experiences will be an advantage to get admission to the program

Profile of the Graduates of BA Program

After the completion of the program, the graduates of Educational Planning and Management will be able to:

  • Understand constitutional provisions, educational policies, strategies and related legislations.
  • Prepare and execute educational plans and projects.
  • Organize continuous and professional development programs.
  • Mobilize resources from the local community and other stakeholders.
  • Provide instructional leadership in the area of curriculum implementation, improvement, school improvement, assessment and CPD.
  • Promote community involvement by establishing a strong link with the local communities.
  • Initiate and manage educational innovations and changes.
  • Conduct educational research and training need assessment.
  • Monitor and evaluate educational programs and projects at the various levels.
  • Plan and make decisions through critical analysis of reliable information /data/.
  • Manage and apply policies and guidelines relevant to human and other resources utilization.
  • Allocate and utilize financial and material resources effectively and efficiently.
  • Apply current technologies for educational management.
  • Apply knowledge of federal and regional state policies and other regulatory provisions governing education.