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In Ethiopia, the fate of future higher education needs extremely the participation of scholars and all concerned bodies who have common understanding on the objectives and mission of higher institutions. This helps to produce productive and creative citizens who: serve its nations critically, materialize the resource of the country in an effective and efficient way, and conduct research and investigation to come up with a solution for certain problems of the country. Basically, the expansion of higher education is very much helpful to eradicate illiteracy and poverty. Moreover, it helps citizens to attend their regular and continuing education program so as to contribute to the overall development of the country in all aspects. Taking into consideration of the above main roles of higher institutions, Madda Walabu University is providing education in regular and continuing modes of education aiming to produce ethical and productive citizens who are expected to play a great role for the development of the country. In line with the regular education program, the University started continuing education in February 1999 E.C. Summer program was also launched in the same year. Currently we have 930 students in extension(weekend ) program, 3712 in summer in-service program and 633 in winter in-service with overall 5,275 number of students under non-regular programs. 
Shiferaw Wami (M.Sc) Continuing Education Directorate 



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