Oromo Language and Literature

1.    Background

Madda Walabu University (MWU) is a public University, located in the town of Robe (Bale), in Ethiopia. The university is located two kilometers away from the central square of the town. The university was established in 2005/1997 E.C and started its regular programs in 2007/1999 E.C /as one of the thirteen universities which were established by the Ministry of Education of the federal democratic republic government of Ethiopia. The School of languages study has 4 departments. One of these departments is Afan Oromo and Literature.

Afan Oromo and Literature was established, as one of the departments under the Faculty of Education in the year 2008 (2000 E.C.). Nowadays the department is under the School of Languages Study. The Department has been teaching courses based on a curriculum which was designed to provide Bachelor of Art in Afan Oromo and Literature in the regular, summer and Extension programs for the last seven years.  In addition, the department   produced more than 600 well-qualified teachers and experts especially in the two (regular and summer) programs and about 400 students are on study.

As it applies to all educational programs, in order to operate in an effective manner, it is essential to upgrade the program. One of the fundamental demands would be a well-crafted curriculum scheme to launch MA Program in Afan Oromo and Literature.

 Name of the Degree to be awarded: Afan Oromo, Literature and Communication

Standard Period of Study (for Regular prog): Three Academic years with six semesters

                                           (for summer prog.)Six summer semesters

                                         (for extension prog.)Four years with eight semesters