Amharic Language and Literature
Back ground of the Program
The Department of Amharic Language and Literature, was established in Madda Walabu University in 2000 E.C/2007 G.C under the former Faculty of Education. (Now under the School of Language Studies). Amharic is regarded as a regional language of business, education, scientific research and other specialization areas of endeavour. In Ethiopia, it is a medium of instruction at elementary and junior levels as well as regional colleges and used as National language in Ethiopia. These and other uses of Amharic have made it useful to study it as a program that would offer a wide range of learning experiences.
The review results of the previous curriculum indicated serious  deficiencies. To mention a few, it lacked subject matter courses that could build the knowledge base of the graduates in their field of specialization. Besides, it did not include practical skills that offer useful training and expertise that employers are increasingly seeking and due to this, graduate have been found to be the level of satisfaction of the employing organisations. In addition, the program has been found as too narrow to prepare graduates for diverse career opportunities. Furthermore, graduates’ Amharic language & literature proficiency has been identified as below its expected level.
It is believed that graduates of the program should:
· Have adequate training and practice in the subject matter to compete in the modern employment market.
· Have adequate knowledge know about how human language functions.
· Practice different levels of language skills (writing, reading, listening and speaking).
· Have the opportunity to engage in oral communication in a variety of situations and develop
communication skills so as to apply those skills in their jobs.
· Conduct research to solve problems.
· Have full mastery of the target language so that they have the competence and confidence to use the language for various purposes in the areas where the country needs skilled language
Following this framework, a modularized study program is proposed which presents courses in unified themes. It is believed to give opportunity for graduates to build their knowledge base and to equip them with practical knowledge & skills so as to prepare them for diverse job opportunities in the country.
Recently, the department has been engaged in modularizing the undergraduate programs as part of the national plan to all public universities set out by the Ministry of Education of Ethiopia (MOE). Hence, all the courses have been remolded into the modular approach as required by the national plan. Beside the undergraduate program, the department open Master’s program in Applied Linguistic in Teaching Amharic in 2007 E.C/2015 G.C in summer and extension program.