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Department of Physics is one of the six departments in the college of natural and computational science of Mada Walabu University. The Department was established in the year 1999 E.C during the commencement of Mada Walabu University with few staff members. Initially the department was offering bachelors of education in physics (Bed) for both regular and summer undergraduate programs up to 2001 E.C; where by the structure of curriculum was changed from Bed in to BSc in physics. So far the department has been graduating 8 batches which hope fully f contributed to fill the Physics professional gabs of the country.

At present, Department offers MSc in physics in the summer program for preparatory school teachers with the intension of starting in the regular program by next year. There are twelve staff members on duty and five full study leave in the department, and all are sincerely involved in teaching and research activities. The department fully implemented nationally harmonized modular curriculum and continuous assessment as per the rules and regulations of the university. The department is undergoing laboratory installations for teaching at post graduate level in Physics


Undergraduate:-both regular and summer

Program content

Physics, as one of the fundamental sciences, is concerned with the observation, understanding and prediction of natural phenomena and the behavior of man-made systems. It deals with profound questions about the nature of the universe and with some of the most important practical, environmental and technological issues of our time. The scope of Physics is broad and encompasses mathematical and theoretical investigation, experimental observation, computing technique, technological application, material manipulation and information processing. Physics seeks simple explanations of physical phenomena based on universal principles stated in concise and powerful language of mathematics. The principles form a coherent unity, applicable to objects as diverse as DNA molecules, neutron stars, super-fluids, and liquid crystals. Findings in Physics have implications in all walks of life ranging from the way we perceive reality to gadgets of everyday use.


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