About Tourism Management Department

1.      About the Department

Department of Tourism Management was launched in 2010/11 under School of Business and Economics in Madda Walabu University, with the principal objective of incubating well competent tourism management graduates for Tourism and Hospitality sectors in Ethiopia. The department offers Bachelor's Degree Program in Tourism Management. The department also plan to provide short term trainings, consultancy services and voluntary services in tourism and hospitality industry. In light of this, problem solving research and demand driven community services in tourism and hospitality industry are the focusing areas of the department.


Department of Tourism Management aims to become center of excellence in the field of Tourism Management in Madda Walabu University in particular and in Ethiopia in general by the year 2020.


Department of Tourism Management strives to incubate well competent, entrepreneurial and self-motivated graduates, conducting problem solving research and providing need based community services to foster the development of tourism and hospitality in Bale Zone in particular and in Ethiopia in general.   

Objective of the department

The general objective of Tourism Management Department is to produce qualified manpower that can effectively contribute for the development of the tourism and hospitality industry in Ethiopia by making use of the vast potential of the country in the sector.

The specific objectives of the program are to:

î   Produce competent and well qualified graduates to meet the growing demand of trained personnel in the sector;

î   Produce graduates who can conduct research in the field and provide advisory services to improve the tourism and hospitality sector development;

î   Provide appropriate training that helps the graduates to acquire the skills required to serve within the context of international standards of service industry.

 2.       Programs

F  Name of the Degree Program: Tourism Management

F  Name of the Degree to be awarded: Bachelor of Arts Degree in Tourism Management

F  Standard Period of study: Three/3 Academic Years with six/6 semesters

Graduate Profile

Graduates of Bachelor of Arts Degree in Tourism Management will get detailed knowledge and skills in the areas of Tourism Management. Generally, the Tourism Management degree program provides students with the opportunity to pursue career in Hospitality & Tourism industry.

After successful completion of the program, the graduate will be able to:

F  Plan, develop, manage and market tourism sector services and products.

F  Provide operational as well as managerial services in areas such as tourism marketing, destination development & management, travel facilitation, tour guiding & operation, working in national, regional & local tourism authorities.

F  Work in trade and industry sector as a tourism investment expert and perform public relation tasks in different organizations.

F  Undertake Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) entrepreneurship activity by their own in the tourism sector.

F  Contribute to the development of appropriate national policies and regulations in the sector and implement policies,

F  Undertake relevant operational and marketing research and implement the results of  these studies for the advancement of the sector,

F  Train and teach others in tourism studies,

F  Provide consultation services in the tourism sector,

F  Generally, the graduates can competently work in travel and tourism industries like travel agencies, tour operators, event management organizations, airlines, cruise lines, cargo operators, shipping lines and other sectors of the tourism and hospitality industry.


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